Truck & Logistics Simulator Will Get More Content After Release

"We will keep adding paid and free content for Truck & Logistics Simulator for a while."

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  • Truck & Logistics Simulator — Simula Games’ debut title — is set to launch on November 30, 2023.
  • The studio has emphasized that even after release, it will continue to improve the game for the fans.
  • We interviewed Simula Games’ Founder to discuss the title’s future and behind-the-scenes details.

Simula Games has brought its own take to traditional simulators with Truck & Logistics Simulator. The soon-to-be-released game offers players something others have failed to do: taking the player through the entire logistics process from start to end. While the gameplay, at its core, remains similar to what we have seen, it brings a whole experience to the table.

Truck & Logistics Simulator has been in early access since June 2020, and with the help of a dedicated fanbase and constant feedback, Simula Games has overhauled the title for its full release. The studio also plans to focus on this title for a while to keep giving players a better experience. We at eXputer had the opportunity to interview the Founder of Simula Games, Mehmet Can Kahraman, to discuss behind-the-scenes details and get a glimpse at the post-launch roadmap the studio plans to follow.

Read ahead for the full interview comprising Mehmet’s insights and a closer look at the game’s future.

Truck & Logistics Simulator
Truck & Logistics Simulator – via Simula Games.

Truck & Logistics Simulator was released in early access in mid-2020; why has it taken so long for the full release?

Mehmet: Early access was a great chance to build the game with the community. Until early access (EA), we didn’t know what the community wanted from the game, and after the EA release, we received a lot of feedback, and then we shaped the game according to that, adding many new missions and features that we didn’t originally plan to.

The game has been in development since 2014, but when did the idea first come? And how much did the whole project cost?

Mehmet: First, I need to introduce myself. I’m Mehmet Can Kahraman, Founder, Game Designer, and Developer [at Simula Games]. I always had an interest in game development while studying Mechanical Engineering. Game development started as a hobby while I was still a student. And the study gave me an interest in heavy machines like wheel loaders and their load characteristics. Forklifts, heavy trucks, hydraulics, physics joints, etc. As for cost, I can only be vague and say it’s more than half a million.

Last I checked, Simula Games consisted of a total of 5 developers. Do you have any plans of expanding the studio, or is the team sufficient as it is?

Mehmet: Yes, we recently extended from 4 to 5 by hiring a new Environment Artist. And we also have freelancer contacts that are able to work partially with us. We plan to extend by hiring a Programmer next year.

For someone who loves Simulator games, there are already several notable titles one would go for. What would you say sets Truck & Logistics Simulator apart from those titles?

Mehmet: The game takes logistics from start to end, meaning it doesn’t only include delivering cargo from one destination to another. Instead, you also load the cargo yourself, using telescopic handlers or other sophisticated loading equipment.

The game also includes smaller vehicles like minivans, pickups, and panel vans and players grow their fleet as they continue through their careers in the game. They start small, and after some play time, they reach trucks that have the most mission versatility and heaviest cargo.

Cross-platform multiplayer also pulled the game closer. A player using a PS5 can join their friend playing on a PC or an Xbox. This would also help to have crowded rooms which you can make missions with. The game also allows co-op missions, in which they can also attach the convoy escort equipment for their vehicle and try to help convoys reach their destination safely.

Truck & Logistics Simulator
Truck & Logistics Simulator – via Simula Games.

What are some of the new things that early-access players can expect to see in the full launch?

Mehmet: With player feedback, we decided to add police radar speed controls to the game. Radar speed controls also include random police van radars. And the randomness means players either need to check the radar signs or follow the speed limits. Otherwise, they would get surprise speed violation fines.

The full release will also add achievements to the game. We asked players for achievement recommendations and got very cool recommendations on our Discord server. There is also lots of environment polishing and a significant performance improvement.

Were there any ideas or features that didn't make it to the final version? If so, can you expand on some of those?

Mehmet: We had to leave some new vehicles for a future update; for example, some new rigid trucks are being modeled and aren’t yet ready. But this isn’t exactly a ‘final version.’ Probably a week after the full release, we will share a Trello roadmap with our players, and they will be able to see our future plans and how the game will evolve after the full release.

What will the post-launch support look like for the Truck & Logistics Simulator? Can we expect more content to be added over time?

Mehmet: We plan many cool features for the game. Lots of new missions are already in development. An example is ‘Dry bulk trailer,’ and another is very fragile cargo like glass transport. Also, tanker trailers and refinery environments. We also plan to improve the map, graphics and performance even further.

What will be next in line for Simula Games? I’m pretty sure it will be a Simula-tor game, but what will be the main focus?

Mehmet: We will keep adding paid and free content for Truck & Logistics Simulator for a while.

Is there anything else you want to share with the audience? Something we haven't touched upon yet.

Mehmet: I would like to invite players to join our Discord server. We are very active on Discord, and we also plan convoy events in which players can join at an arranged time for a moderated online convoy session. They can also give feedback to developers or meet other players to join multiplayer together.

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At launch, we can expect Truck & Logistics Simulator to be much different from what we have seen in the early access on Steam, thanks to fans’ valuable feedback. Mehmet and his team of 4 hard-working developers will oversee the title after release and even plan on sharing a Trello roadmap with the fans. After pouring over half a million into this title, Simula Games aims to perfect it over time.

A vast open world with up to 24 players in cross-platform multiplayer certainly sounds exciting. So, if you want to be one of those people, you can give it a ride and check out more on the studios’ official Discord. While we haven’t seen its performance on consoles, the game has had years in the brewery, so we can hope the developers have done a good job. 

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