Call of Duty Warzone Leak: The Game May Feature The Prop Hunt Mode Soon

The gaming world has been quite different ever since FPS battle royale titles started popping out. Titles like Fortnite, PubG, the pioneers, laid foundation to it. Then along came EA’s brainchild, Apex Legends and that too was a different, more fast-paced take. Recently, there was a dedicated Call of Duty Battle Royale (free to play) title as well: Call of Duty Warzone. Now, we recently saw a new update for the title that added a bunch of new features to the game. Looking over the leaks, we have some news on the development of the game which is quickly overtaking the competition.

According to a report from Gamerant claims from a good source that the Prop Hunt mode is coming to Call of Duty Warzone. Now, what is the Prop Hunt mode, you ask?

Prop Hunt Mode

Now, if you have been a mature Call of Duty fan, you would know of this mode because this is quite the fan-favourite. To explain it to the people who started with Warzone, the Prop Hunt Mode is quite simple. This has appeared in one of the most famous games from the franchise such as Modern Warfare, Blackops 3 and even WW2.

The game involves a very evolved version of hide and seek. In the game, the teams have 30 seconds before the match begins. One of the team hides certain everyday objects such as trashcans or air conditions. The other team then has to look for these and eventually shoot these before the time runs out.

The difference here is that while the previously mentioned games allowed for smaller maps, the Warzone maps are huge in comparison. This would obviously make the game more difficult unless they start restricting the map which seems the likely scenario. Now, we wait and see when the developers give out this update and how they implement it to compliment the new game.

Sarmad Burki

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