E3 2022 Will Return This Year as an Online-Only Event

Prepare for a possible virtual show

Developers and gamers alike anxiously wait all year for what happens to be one of the largest gaming events to ever occur. The Electronic Entertainment Expo or better known as E3, is a global-scale occasion that provides a platform for the best manufacturers around to showcase what’s coming next from their sides. The first E3 surfaced way back in 1995 and had been going strong until the onset of the Coronavirus. 

That is to say, E3 2020 was outright shut down because of the drastic situation expanding across the spectrum. The event made a comeback next year with E3 2021, but that too couldn’t live up to the hype in full flight. E3 2021 remained to be a virtual event for the very first time in its history and managed to be open for everyone.

Now that we’re almost halfway through March of 2022, things are heating up for the next E3 event, given that the business emerges in June every year. Recent reports highlighted that E3 2022 is not going to happen in person, and a possibility surfaced for the event getting outright canceled as well. However, we now seem to have some semblance of hope from a noteworthy industry insider Tom Henderson

The man seems to believe that E3 is going to happen online, similar to how it was done last year. His sources have led him to claim that the ESRB has sent out emails to developers to start gearing up for the forthcoming event. We just might be able to catch E3 2022 in action after all. The following is what Tom posted on his Twitter account. 

Tom Henderson E3 2022 Tweet
Tom Henderson E3 2022 Tweet

It bears noticing that Tom Henderson has proved to be pretty reliable in the past. Upon recalling correctly, he was the first one to reveal Battlefield 2042’s different game modes way ahead of the title’s launch. If there’s any truth to his tweet, the rumors surrounding the cancellation of E3 this year have turned out to be false. 

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