Halo Infinite Player Recreates Popular Halo 5 Multiplayer Map In Forge

The Rig set in a mobile mining platform has been brilliantly remade in the Forge mode.

Story Highlights

  • A Halo Infinite player remade the Halo 5 multiplayer map “The Rig” in the Forge editor.
  • Other players can access and play on this map via Halo Waypoint.
  • It is compatible with all base Arenas and Ranked modes and has over a thousand plays.

A Halo Infinite player has used the Forge mode to create yet another remarkable map for fans. CometWood employed the versatility of the editor mode to recreate Halo 5’s map “The Rig” in the 2021 FPS. It is a faithful reimagining of the popular multiplayer map from Halo 5: Guardians and looks quite like it. Players who want to access the map and play it can easily do so through this Halo Waypoint link.

The map already has a 4-star rating on the website, with 571 bookmarks and 1048 plays. The Halo Infinite recreation of the mining platform is compatible with all the base Arenas and Ranked modes. A video from Rebs Gaming on Twitter gives us a tour of this recreated map in Halo Infinite Forge. 

The Rig was an asymmetrical map set on a Liang-Dortmund mining rig in Halo 5: Guardians. It put emphasis on verticality, and as a result, players could make use of its many nooks and crannies to take out opponents. Due to the map’s nature, you could also find useful routes to the platform-heavy playing area without getting noticed. A Scattershot was present on The Rig, and the plasma caster, along with the Sniper Rifle, was its focus power weapon.

In other news, Halo Infinite hasn’t had the easiest time winning over fans since it launched in December 2021. Even though the FPS game opened positive reviews, the reception got colder over time due to a myriad of reasons. Lack of content was the main complaint, and poor matchmaking, despite high player counts, alongside recurring online issues, alienated the players further. From insensitive templates to allegations of being an Overwatch clone, the multiplayer mode has gone through hard times.

To sum it up in one headline, Halo Infinite had fewer players on Steam than Destiny 2 on Stadia at one time. The game’s popularity was so low in 2022 that the Master Chief Collection overtook it in Twitch viewers. Rumors of 343 industries undergoing big changes and layoffs at the start of 2023, resulting in Joseph Staten departing, did not help the fan base’s confidence.

But, amidst all this chaos, one game mode has kept Halo Infinite alive: Halo Forge. From college dorm rooms to complete boss fights, players have used the creative editor to make remarkable things. Some have recreated sets from popular movies, while others have reimagined games like Elden Ring in extraordinary detail via this editing mode.

Every day we see brilliant new creations like a Mario 64 map or the scary PT hallway thanks to this Halo Infinite feature. The Rig is just another entry in this long list, and with updates making the Forge even better, we’ll get to see many more ingenious creations.

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