Youtuber Recreates Silent Hill PT Map In Halo Infinite Using Forge

The map is not scripted nor playable (yet) but it looks stunning.

Halo Infinite is the gem that shined in only a few places due to how crude it was upon launch. Fans were immersed in the story and gameplay, and the game appeared to live up to expectations. 20 million players joined in, and Infinite climbed the charts until everything came crashing down. Soon the community realized that there was an unfortunate lack of content, and the game started to feel empty.

The aftermath resulted in a bundle of controversies following low concurrency of players, Halo: The Master Chief Collection surpassing Halo Infinite in twitch views, to name a few. Moreover, the lack of players has made the game feel barren due to poor matchmaking plaguing the title, with a part of the community already calling it dead. Though future updates and plans for the title seek to fix the lingering problems.

However, the only savior for Halo Infinite appears to be the Halo Infinite Forge mode that is in the works if appropriately utilized. Forge is the customizable game mode designer that has been integrated in the past Halo titles. It hasn’t launched with Halo Infinite but will soon be heading to beta. It makes for the best addition to the game, and the community agrees that it may turn the harsh situation around for Halo Infinite. 

Forge is supposed to remain in secrecy, but a bundle of leaks has revealed plenty of particulars regarding its alluring potential. The leakers have created maps, weapons, scenarios, and plenty more to have fun with it. One such example is a Youtuber; Death Templer has created the Silent Hill PT map in Halo Infinite using Forge. The attention to every detail is nailed down nicely, making for a perfect horror experience.

YouTube video

Death Templer showcases his achievement in a short 1-minute video where he walks through the hauntingly nostalgic PT hallways. The nostalgic badly-lit room and the eerie atmosphere, causing every breath to feel heavy, perfectly capture the PT feeling; it is among the best Forge creations in Halo Infinite thus far. However, the fear is simmered down due to the chirping of the birds from Halo Infinite in the background. 

Now, this map is not scripted to be playable (yet). When a viewer asked in comments regarding the plan, Death Templer responded with, “I suppose you could imagine, or… check back in a couple months ;)” Templer has hinted that the map might become playable in the future, but nothing is concrete. Moreover, Death Templer also added in another comment that the Lisa sounds were added in the video.

Death has pointed out in comments that the map will be updated with time. He is also planning to experiment with recreating all the loops present in PT. Furthermore, he is also testing theories that might make adding some puzzles possible.

What are your thoughts regarding the recreation of the PT map in Halo Infinite? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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