Halo Infinite Launch Content Is Complete, Devs Show New Weapon Renders

A Mega Update from 343 Industries on Halo Infinite Development

The monthly Halo Infinite development posts continue, as this time, 343 confirms that Halo Infinite content is complete and is in the polishing phase. Besides, they were also humble enough and decided to release several refined Halo Infinite Weapon Renders that look dazzling.
As per the Blog Halo Infinite Launch Content is Complete, the developers are “playtesting a ton and looking for ways to polish” the game.
Halo Infinite Weapons
Halo Infinite Weapons.

“We have everyone fixing bugs on our launch content and some exciting efforts kicking off for future updates – like-new vehicles, equipment, etc. But we’re pretty much playtesting a ton and looking for ways to polish and improve everything.” reads the blog post. “All of our launch content is in-game and being played daily, but it takes a strong effort to get something from 90% to a full 100% ship quality.”

343 Industries acknowledged the importance of PC Gaming, saying that they will ensure it has authentic controls and will be better than other shooting games.
We have a team dedicated to making sure PC controls feel best in class. We are working with our internal Pro Team as well as our partners in user research to ensure that we have a broad set of data to guide us on our PC feature planning. writes Quin Delhoyo.”
A major goal for Halo Infinite on PC is to hit that top tier PC experience that is as good or better than other shooters. Having MCC on PC is also a great help. It allows us to get player feedback on a live PC Halo game. -Quin Delhoyo”
Apart from PC Development plans, the developers, particularly Quinn DelHoyo, Tim Temmerman, David Price, and Elan Gleiber, were asked about favorite weapons and equipment types, to which they had different answers. Halo Infinite Weapons

Alright, I’ve only got two more questions before I let you get back to it. Don’t worry, though; these are just for fun. What’s your favorite weapon, vehicle, or equipment in Halo Infinite? If we haven’t shown it yet, can you give us any hints about what it may be or why it’s your favorite?

QD: One of my favorite sandbox items is a vehicle that we haven’t shown yet, but I’m sure I won’t be alone with my favoritism once we do reveal it to the community. This vehicle isn’t totally brand new, but it has received a fresh coat of paint while awaiting its triumphant return to Halo.Halo Infinite Weapons

TT: We have some really exciting equipment we haven’t shown yet, but the Grappleshot is probably my favorite of the bunch that we have shown. Not only does it just feel fun to use, but there’s additional functionality that hasn’t been revealed yet that adds some more… offense-focused gameplay that I’m super excited to show off.

DP: The Ravager has got to be one of my favorite weapons. It has changed a little, too, since it was debuted in the campaign reveal. Its role and playstyle have been pushed to allow for more area of denial play while still delivering a unique launcher style platform.Halo Infinite Weapons

EG: The Grappleshot is definitely a favorite of mine, but I’m equally excited about an equipment item we haven’t shown yet. It’s highly physics-based, has TONS of interactions across our sandbox, and will leave you laughing or yelling, “Did you see that?!” Proper timing is everything with this equipment, and if you position correctly, you could very well send your enemies flying!”

The Blog also confirms that equipment and accessories will be earned through grinding, essentially combat, or scavenging the playspace.
“In multiplayer, equipment is earned via combat and/or scavenging the playspace which brings a level of fairness and competition to the experience.”
It’ll be very fascinating to see Halo Infinite compete with other shooting games like Warzone, Cold War, Valorant, and PUBG. Although its meta is marginally unique, this doesn’t change the way that essentially every one of these games are arranged into multiplayer. It is known, notwithstanding, that Halo Infinite would have a slight edge with its story interactivity. In any case, this blog has given us incredible experiences, and from what it appears, the game is more than fit to be delivered in the coming months.
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