Halo Infinite Is Now Playable On Steam Deck Through SteamOS

The game can now be enjoyed on the go!

Halo Infinite boasted a successful release with the anticipated community enjoying the overall story and experience. The chronicles of Masterchief were worth exploring as the game featured a compelling story. However, gamers realized that the title lacked content and felt barren after a span of time. The nearly 20 million players at the inception of release dwindled out as the game fell into controversies. 

The hype simmered down and Halo Infinite struggled to sustain a community for long. Though future updates and plans for the game are looking to fix the lingering problem. Some players have called the game dead due to its immense lack of players in the multiplayer scene. Matchmaking takes a long time, for instance.

However, Halo Infinite is still managing to hold on and it ought to improve with future updates, rumored weapons, and the powerful, “Halo Infinite Forge” to come. The game is available on Xbox and PC platforms but players had been craving to play on the new and powerful Steam Deck handheld. Who does not want to shoot through a slew of aliens on the go? 

Halo Infinite was previously unplayable on Steam Deck due to it clashing with portable’s anti-cheat software. Even the single-player could not run due to the massive hurdles in the way. Things have changed for the better and following these steps will allow you to enjoy Halo Infinite on Steam Deck.

The title can be run on Steam Deck due to the latest updates to GE-Proton, and the steps to run the game are elaborated by Reddit user, DanTheBloke.

Halo Infinite is now playable on the Steam Deck through SteamOS! from halo

Dan has provided steps that allow us to run the game on Steam Deck. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Enter the Steam Deck preview beta build.
  • Download the Proton GE in desktop mode using the interlinked guide by rockpapershotgun.
  • Delete or rename the “videos” folder in the Local Files or wipe the contents in the game’s install folder.
  • On the launch screen, set Halo Infinite to utilize the latest version, GE-Proton7-26.
  • Click on the compatibility option available in properties in Halo Infinite’s Steam Library.

You’re all set to run the title on Steam Deck. The game will run mostly fine despite some issues such as the game feeling clunky, texture glitches, or audio clipping issues from time to time. the preview build of SteamOS is a beta so more issues might occur. Dan has iterated his experience that Halo Infinite can run on Steam Deck in 60 fps on low settings, which is fair enough for a couple of quick matches.

What are your opinions regarding Halo Infinite running on Steam Deck? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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