Hell Let Loose Is Free To Play Across All Platforms This Weekend

The recently released "Falling Dark" update can be enjoyed for free till this weekend.

Hell Let Loose is as intense as its name, featuring tactical 50 vs 50 multiplayer, it is set in the WW2 era. The title is the perfect execution of “multiplayer FPS shooter meets RTS,” allowing for a fun-driven yet realistic war experience at the same time. It can be described as a more menacing version of Call of Duty or Battlefield multiplayer.

In Hell Let Loose, only a few bullets from classic bolt-action rifles are enough to put you down, making critical thinking a prominent need to survive. Features like bullet drops, and long reloading times allow for a strategic approach to gunfire where every bullet counts. The game scratches the lingering itch for a good multiplayer FPS experience.

The game is quite hardcore in terms of gameplay, requiring strategic teamwork. It does not follow the simple “die and respawn after countdown” approach. The player is forced to either respawn on outposts placed by the squad leader or larger garrisons built from scratch. Revives are only possible when medics are around, random gunfire is enough to leave you dead before you can escape or retaliate.

The Hell Let Loose Update 12 brought well-requested features like the low light/night mode and flare guns. The eerie atmosphere is well-suited for hardcore multiplayer. The game has become more ominous with maps drowned in the hazy moonlight. The prominent patch notes also brought a new map, weapon, and vehicles. It is worth noting that the update is only available for PC at the moment.

It is definitely the best time to jump back in the game and developers have made that easier for us. The game is having a “Free Weekend” event for new players wanting to try out the realistic war-torn multiplayer. It is also the perfect opportunity to test the new update without any cost. The game is free-to-play for as long as three days whole.


The free weekend event is taking place on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, so it’s the ideal moment to try the game out. Whether you are an old-time medal-ridden veteran or a newbie who is just picking up their first bolt-action, the free-to-play event ought to spike your interest. The event will encourage players to buy the game and serves as a demo for those wary of buying Hell Let Loose.

For instance, GTFO is another tactical shooter based on sneaking around monsters in darkened labyrinths. GTFO benefited a lot through its “free week” event by accumulating heaps of new players on Steam. However, the good news does not end there. Hell Let Loose is also 33% off on PC, and 30% off on both the Xbox and PlayStation storefronts.

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