Hell Let Loose Update 12 Adds Low Light/Night Settings & Flare Guns

The "Falling Dark" Update is out bringing a variety of highly requested features.

Hell Let Loose is often described as the terrifying version of Battlefield and Call of Duty. The multiplayer tactical first-person shooter title pits players in a 50 vs 50 team battle where a couple of bullets are enough to drop you dead. The realistic sound design and approach to multiplayer FPS have made the game stand out against the competitors. Hell Let Loose is the perfect instance of “multiplayer FPS shooter meets RTS.

Hell Let Loose features advanced features like bullet drop and long reloading times as players utilize a WW2-era bolt-action rifle against their foes. The ultra-hardcore WW2 carnage is worth experiencing and each update has made the game even better. Developers have poured a lot of love into Hell Let Loose through the years.

The latest patch notes are out, revealing the long-awaited update 12 that brings out much-desired features. The highly requested features like “Low Light/Night Settings” are finally out. Moreover, the update also brings “Vehicle Updates, New Commander Abilities, Flare Guns and so much more.

The anticipated update had been in the works for a while and it brings a wide array of new vehicles and updates to current ones. The medium tank US “M4A3 75w”, has been added alongside changes to Half-tracks (M2 Browning, MG42) getting machine guns. Moreover, The german tank, “Panther” falls in the heavy tank category following the update. Tiger, Panzer IV, and Luchs have received new camo patterns.

The update also adds “flare guns” dubbed, LP-42, SPSh-42, and AN-M8 to Hell Let Loose. Flare Gun has been added to Spotter level 3 “Scout” loadout. Animations for the strafing run Commander Ability have been enhanced. Primary Weapons can be displayed on the player’s back while not equipped. Moreover, A new map, “Remagen” has been added. 

The Full Patch Notes:

Some of the important additions in Hell Let Loose are listed below:

Update 12 Changelog


  • Added new US “M4A3 75w” medium tank
  • Added Machine guns to Half-tracks (M2 Browning, MG42)
  • Reimplemented the German “Panther” as a heavy tank with updated Smart Materials
  • Updated Tiger with new camo pattern
  • Updated Panzer IV with new camo pattern
  • Updated Luchs with new camo pattern


  • Added Flare Guns (LP-42, SPSh-42, AN-M8)


  • Added Flare Gun to Spotter lvl 3 “Scout” loadout
  • Moved Ammo Crate from Spotter lvl 3 “Scout” to Spotter lvl 1 “Standard Issue” loadout


Added the following new Commander Abilities:

  • Precision Strike
  • GER: Stuka Dive Bomb
  • US: x2 P-47 Bombs
  • SOV: IL-2 Rocket Strafe
  • Ammo Drop
  • Improved animations for the strafing run Commander Ability
  • Added separate volume controls for Proximity, Unit and Leadership VOIP channels
  • Added gore models for the Soviet faction (previously used US models)
  • Primary Weapons are now displayed on the player’s back while not equipped
  • Added the ability to interrupt weapon reloads
  • Fortifications can now be snapped together using the default “LEFT ALT” keybinding
  • Adjusted MG deployment logic to prevent players from hiding their model inside objects
  • Updated Personal Stats screen with new stats and an organized layout
  • Tank crews are now notified when the gunner destroys an OP
  • Vehicle wrecks can now be destroyed using tank shells, AT-guns, rockets and satchels
  • Increased AT-Gun deploy timer from 3 to 8 seconds
  • Reduced AT-Gun damage from 600 to 350


  • Added new Remagen map:
  • Remagen Warfare
  • Remagen Warfare Night
  • Remagen Offensive GER
  • Remagen Offensive US
  • Added Night maps:
  • Foy Warfare Night
  • Purple Heart Lane Warfare Night
  • Hurtgen Forest Warfare Night
  • Kursk Warfare Warfare Night
  • Added additional Omaha map variants:
  • Omaha Warfare
  • Omaha Offensive GER
  • Reworked HQs on Kursk to provide additional cover for each faction
  • HUD/UI
  • Improved legibility of Enemy Recon Markings on the Tactical Map

Audio Effects

  • Shortened incoming Artillery whistle SFX
  • Adjusted bullet crack SFX for the MG42
  • Adjusted Foy map ambience
  • Balanced volume of grenade throw SFX
  • Added sound occlusion to explosion SFX
  • Balanced end of round music volume
  • Adjusted flesh impact SFX
  • Adjusted wood impact SFX
  • Adjusted smoke grenade SFX
  • Additional minor sound tweaks and improvements

Visual Effects

  • Updated TPP Blood Hit FX
  • Added lighting to the following in-game FX for better visuals on night maps:
  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Artillery cannons
  • Tank cannons
  • Panzerschreck/Bazooka rockets
  • Adjusted artillery impact and vehicle explosion FXs.

The newly added achievements, bug fixes, and cosmetics for Hell Let Loose can be viewed in the official announcement. What are your thoughts about the latest update? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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