Adin Ross Cancels Interview With Kanye West

Adin Ross reveals he will no longer go through with the Kanye West interview.

Twitch streamer Adin Ross was reported to interview the internet’s most controversial personality, Kanye West. However, he decided to cancel the interview, saying he didn’t want to spread hate. According to the streamer, this interview would have been his biggest stream ever, but it was not worth it.

Kanye West is getting canceled all over the internet due to his anti-Semitic comments during an interview with Alex Jones. This has led to the rapper being banned from Twitter and getting a lot of backlash from the media.

Major Takeaways

  • Adin Ross was in line to interview Kanye West later this month.
  • Kanye appeared on the Alex Jones Show and gave anti-Semitic comments, receiving a ton of backlash from the internet.
  • Adin decided not to go through with the interview, saying it was not worth it.

Adin Ross, a popular Twitch streamer, is well known for interviewing controversial personalities, the most recent being Andrew Tate. Recently, a Tweet from a user named Kurrco went viral in which, a former streamer and political commentator Nick Fuentes was seen contacting Kanye West. In the same thread, he revealed that they have an interview lined up for Kanye with Adin Ross.

This interview followed when Kanye appeared and gave anti-Semitic comments on the Alex Jones Show.

Nick added that he wants to sit down with the people who disagree and want Jewish people to be a part of this conversation. He stated,

We wanna sit down with people who disagree. We wanna have the conversation. We want Jewish people to be a part of it.”

The news went viral across the media, and many redeemed this as a bad idea. Nick is known for his anti-Sematism, and it could’ve caused a lot of heat in the community without having anyone to access the situation. After reconsidering it, Adin revealed to his audience that he will not be conducting the interview. He shared this clip on his Twitch channel, where he addressed the issue at hand.

He said,

I can’t have my platform be used spread hate and I can’t have my platfrom be used to basically insult people and hurt people and hurt everyone. So I decided not to go through with it.”

The viewers responded with a flood of negative comments, to which Adin said,

I see people putting Ls in my chat. That’s cool. ‘L Adin,’ ‘You’re a pu**y,’ I understand, whatever.”

He added,

I’m gonna keep it short, and sweet and simple. You know what I’m saying? Yes I know it would be my biggest stream ever, but sometimes it’s not worth it, you know what I mean?”

The streamer has previously interviewed controversial personalities, and the community was surprised to see Adin backing out from this interview. 

What is your take on Adin’s decision not to conduct the interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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