Andrew Tate Roasts Adin Ross, Rates Him 4 Out Of 10

Adin Ross recently met Andrew Tate when the latter roasted him by saying, “You are not special.”

Adin Ross is a very famous Twitch streamer with 7 million followers and is also rising to fame on YouTube with 3.2 million subscribers. He often collaborates with Andrew Tate—a much controversial internet personality who has boomed in recent times. 

In December 2022, Adin Ross met Andrew Tate for a chat. Despite Ross’s huge fan base and gigantic following on social media, Tate remained unimpressed and kept on roasting him by asking, “How are you famous?

Major Takeaways

  • Adin Ross met Andrew Tate for a chat.
  • Andrew roasted Adin by asking, “How are you famous?” and stating, “You are not special.”
  • Andrew Tate also exclaimed to Ross, “There must be lots of Adins, like out there.”
  • When Ross asked him to rate him out of 10 as a friend, Tate very quickly replied, “4.”

When Ross told him that he keeps kids entertained through his Twitch streaming, Andrew Tate hit him with another roast saying,

Lots of people could do that… you are not special.”

Andrew Tate kept on pulling his leg by following up with, “I mean me, obviously, I’m a Top G.” To this, Adin replied, “I’m a Top G too.” Finally, Tate shut him down by saying, “No, you’re not.”

Adin Ross further explained to Andrew and his brother about his skills. He told them how he is very good at networking and talking to other people and about his smartness, You can see how skillful I am.” To this, Tate appeared to be shocked and remained silent. 


During his meeting with Andrew Tate, Adin Ross was wearing a shirt with both of their pictures printed on it. He also proceeded to give another one of the same shirts to Tate as a gift.

When he went to him to give the gift, Adin asked Andrew twice to close his eyes so that he could present the gift. When Andrew did not react to Ross’s request, he gave him the gift anyway.

Followed by a few seconds of silence, Andrew spoke up, “I did actually like the shirt when I saw it on you so I appreciate the gift.”

Andrew Tate once again did not comply with Adin’s request to put the shirt on. Adin seemed disappointed, “You are not gonna put it on?”, to which Tate replied, “Not now, maybe at some point in the future.”

Tate once again saw an opportunity to roast Ross and sarcastically said, “Maybe when we stream together, we could both put it on.” When Adin Ross seemed to be excited at this idea, Tate refused to do it. 

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