Andrew Tate Not Impressed With Adin Ross’ Mimicry Of The Top G

Adin Ross went all in surprising Andrew Tate and ended up getting scolded by him.

In a recent Twitch stream, Adin Ross was seen bald, impersonating Andrew Tate. He then called Andrew Tate to show off his new look. Tate, who had just awoken, was beaming from ear to ear at Ross’s new look. This, however, was not Adin’s surprise for Andrew.

Adin cut Tate off as soon as he began appreciating the streamer. He then revealed that the bald head he was wearing was a sham. He’d disguised himself with a bald cap to surprise Tate.


  • Andrew Tate lost his temper after Adin Ross pretended to shave his head before phoning Tate on the live stream.
  • Andrew Tate first complimented Adin Ross on his new look and said, “you’re now a gangsta”.
  • The praises didn’t last long as Adin began to remove his bald cap to reveal his full head of hair.

Adin Ross is a promising Twitch streamer with over seven million subscribers. Ross’ streamers have gained enormous popularity on the streaming network, and his big following is constantly growing.

Andrew Tate is well-known for his comments on a variety of sensitive subjects. Nonetheless, Adin Ross is now inextricably linked with the former Kickboxer. Adin Ross surprised Tate on a recent stream and ended up getting reprimanded by him.

In a recent live stream on December 14, Adin Ross went bald impersonating Andrew Tate. Adin rang Andrew during the stream while wearing the bald hat and smoking a cigar.

Tate had just awoken, and as soon as Tate began praising the streamer, Adin cut him off. He then revealed that the bald head he was wearing was a fake bald cap.

Tate claimed, “Adin, you know what? You’re a G. Officially”,” you’re now a gangsta.” But his compliments didn’t last long as Adin cut him off and removed the fake bald wig.

Tate lost his cool and responded, “So you’re not a G, are you, Adin?” “I thought you were a gangster, but it turns out you’re a dork in a cap.”

Adin, on the other hand, stated that he would shave his head on January 1, 2023. Tate responded, “Who gives a f*ck about January 1? That’s forever away. The matrix might get you by then.”

Tate listened to everything and then immediately disconnected the video call. However, it’s unclear if he will shave his head on New Year’s.

What do you think will Adin shave his head on New Year’s Day? Do let us know in the comments below 

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