Asmongold Shocked Over Being Ranked Second-Most Watched Streamer

The streamer thinks he didn't think he would even be on the list.

Asmongold is a beloved American Twitch streamer and YouTuber who rose to fame mainly for his World of Warcraft videos. He also reacts to numerous videos on his YouTube account titled “Asmongold TV” which has garnered more than 1.6 million subscribers. However, most of his fame arises from his Twitch streams.

His popularity is attested by the fact that he was named the second-most-watched American streamer. On December 28, Asmongold, in his stream, reacted to the list of the most-watched streamers in 2022. To his surprise, he was ranked second.

Major Takeaways:

  • Asmongold was ranked second for the most-watched streamer in the USA.
  • He reacted to it in a live stream.
  • Asmongold appeared to be shocked to even be on the list and shared that he thinks he doesn’t deserve to be ranked second.

On December 28, Zack popularly known as Asmongold was streaming live when he stumbled upon the list of the most-watched streamers in 2022. With the year coming to an end, an account titled “StreamsCharts” on Twitter compiled the list of “Most watched @Twitch streamers in 2022 from USA.”

Asmongold was incredibly shocked to be ranked so up-high on the list and stated,

I’m going to be honest, guys. I don’t even know how I got on this list.”

He even compared his achievement to Elon Musk’s and laughed that this is almost equivalent to Musk getting ranked as someone uploads his videos to Twitch every day. He explained further, “That’s like, making Elon Musk Streamer of the Year because somebody else is uploading a BitCoin scam of him every day on Twitch!”

Asmongold then recalled his achievement of getting nominated for the Streamy Awards for “Streamer of the Year”. Much to everyone’s disappointment, although he did not win, Asmongold explained that he was just thankful to be nominated. He talked about his excitement at the time.

He further stated that his reaction wasn’t fake as he “wasn’t trying to be humble” and explained that he genuinely believed that he “shouldn’t be on the list”.

 He also joked that he should have streamed a few more times to get to number 1, “Beaten out by Hasan, just a little bit. I should’ve logged on for a few more days.” He also said that now he needs to take rest for some time saying, “I need to take some days off.” 

What do you think about Asmongold getting ranked as the second most-watched streamer in the USA? Let us know in the comments section.

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