Like A Dragon Gaiden: Hidden One Challenge [Location & Solution]

Learn all about how you can solve and complete the hidden one challenge side quest.

Completing set challenges and tasks rewards one with points that help you level up in the Akame network. Levelling up is highly beneficial since you can then have access to exclusive items in the Akame shop. One of these set sidequests is the Hidden One Challenge in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Here, you meet a young boy who challenges you to a game of hide and seek. There are three different challenges you must complete to receive your rewards.

Key Takeaways
  • The Like A Dragon Gaiden Hidden One Challenge is a side quest.
  • You need to complete it to level up Akame’s network.
  • In the quest, you are required to play hide and seek with a boy.
  • You will also have to solve three riddles.

Where To Start The Hidden One Challenge 

The Hidden Ones Challenge
The Hidden One’s Challenge Request in Like a Dragon Gaiden [Image Taken By Me]
The series of challenges starts from right outside Akame hideouts. The boy will be standing right outside the door with an exclamation mark on top of him.

Once you start interacting with him, you realize what you are in for, and therefore, it begins. The boy can only be seen after starting Chapter 3.

The Hidden One’s Challenge

Challenge Location
Hiding Spot For Hidden One’s Challenge [Screenshot Taken By Me]
The young boy declares himself as the hidden one and challenges you to find him. He gives you a riddles as a hint to the whereabouts of his hiding location. 

“I’m in a place where the far away can whisper in your ear. But hurry now before they all disappear”.

  1. The solution to this riddle is in a phone booth. Since phone booths are quite rare in Sotenbori, it shouldn’t be that hard to locate the exact one.
  2. To be precise, the exact phone booth can be found by the Shofukucho parking lot.
  3. Once you see the boy here, interact with him.
  4. You will be rewarded with some points, and to start, the next and final challenge will automatically start.

The Hidden One’s Revenge 

Hiding Spot For Hidden One’s Revenge [Screengrab Taken By Me]
The boy gives you another riddle to deal with while he runs off to hide in another location. 

“This time it won’t be so easy! Hmm, maybe in an alley will do, but what’s that smell? Something crispy and of the sea, I’m suddenly craving…Takoyaki!”

  1. The solution to this riddle is quite simple: all you have to do is go to the Kukuru Takoyaki stand on Sotenbori Street. Located in the northeast corner of the map.
  2. You will spot the child right beside the stall and inside the alleyway.
  3. Approach him and interact with him to get to the Akame points and to the next and final challenge.

The Hidden One’s Last Stand

Last Stand
Hiding Spot For Hidden One’s Last Stand [Image Taken By Me]
The boys standing in the narrow alley give you the last riddle.

“Now I’m pullin’ out all the stops, I can even hide inside the shops. So come here to wash your clothes all clean, but don’t forget to visit the vending machine!”

  1. The riddle gives you an easy hint: all you have to do is go to the laundromat.
  2. All you have to do is go to the laundromat located in Ashitaba Park.
  3. You will be able to spot the boy sitting down near the bin.
  4. Interact with him to end the series of challenges and earn your reward.

This concludes all the hidden quests, and you will be rewarded with Akame points that can be used to upgrade your Akame level. Furthermore, for more on Like A Dragon Gaiden, you should check out Asad Ahmed’s thoughts in our Like A Dragon Gaiden Review.

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