Like a Dragon Gaiden: 6 BEST Ways To Make Money

After acquiring the Platinum Trophy in under 30+ hours, here are my methods to farm money quickly in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

If you’re someone who likes to min-max gear and upgrades like me, then you must be on the verge of learning how to make money fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Veteran fans of the series like me miss the days of Yakuza 0 where the game would rain you with cash to spend, but as the franchise progressed, money would become slightly scarce in the economy. However, after fully completing the game, here is my list of methods to use for the Like a Dragon Gaiden best way to make money guide.

Prerequisite: A couple of the money farm methods I’ve mentioned require you to reach Platinum Rank in the Castle Coliseum, and lastly, I highly encourage you to upgrade Kiryu’s “Agent Gadget: Serpent” as high as possible since I use that to quickly dispatch enemies in another money farm method.
Key Takeaways
  • Money or Yen in Like a Dragon Gaiden is your main currency, which is used to buy ability upgrades for Kiryu and a variety of gear.
  • Farming money can be significant for a few players who are trying to min-max Kiryu’s ability upgrades to make the game less challenging.
  • Most of the listed methods here to rack up a ton of cash are accessed via the Sotenbori Castle Coliseum.
  • The best method to farm cash is either by using Sheep Man in the Singles Tournament or Kiryu’s Jet Shoes to decimate foes in Hell Rumble.

Best Money Farming Methods Summary

Following is a summarized version of the best and fastest ways to to get money in Like a Dragon Gaiden:

6Random EncountersDefeat enemies with boosted drop rate from investments.
5Akame Network Requests & Stroll’N PatrolComplete requests and brawler-focused missions from Akame Network for cash rewards.
4Ultimate Gambling MatchesRNG-based Gambling matches which offer risk-reward cash.
3Hell Team RumbleEngage in the Platinum Tiger 4 match with your Joryu Clan team.
2Sheep Man in Singles TournamentSheep Man's moveset makes quick work of any kind of opponent.
1Kiryu in Hell RumbleSerpent Jet Shoes annhilates enemy HP, making quick work of the bout.

6. Random Encounters With Increased Drop Rate

Quickest Money Farm.
  • akame network
    Increased drop rate investment (Image by Me)
  • ranom encounters lad gaiden
    Random encounters (Image by Me)
 Important: As shown in the image above, this method only works best when you have purchased the random drop rate money boost investments at Akame.  

(Though I strongly encourage getting the increased Akame Points investment first.) If you want to earn cash right from the earliest of Chapter 2 quickly, you can grab the increased drop rate investment from Akame and then go to town to defeat enemies in random brawls on the streets of Sotenbori. However, it’s not the most viable and rewarding tactic, hence why this method is ranked at the bottom here.

  • The amount of Yen dropped can range from between 10k to 100k depending on how many enemies there are, and the drop rate boosts investments.
  • Random Encounters can be quickly found by roaming around the streets until enemies show up on the map.
  • If you ask me, I found Agent Style worked wonders to clear enemies quickly, as well as its gadgets, such as the Spider Web, for crowd control.

5. Akame Network Requests & Stroll’N Patrol

Best Early Game Money Farms.
  • akame network requests
    Requests (Image by Me)
  • gaiden best ways to make money
    Stroll'N Patrol Brawler Missions (Image by Me)

This may seem like an obvious one, but it goes without saying that you should always tackle Akame Network’s requests and those Stroll’N Patrol missions. The former is essentially the sub-stories all Yakuza fans like me know of, which can reward a ton of money for completing them, while the latter is specifically the brawler mission variants where you need to save NPCs from hostile thugs or gangsters.

  • The requests can be progressively unlocked and accessed via the Akame Network itself.
  • Meanwhile, the brawler Stroll’N Patrol missions are marked on your map with a knucklefist icon.

4. Ultimate Gambling Matches

Highest Money Output.
  • like a dragon gaiden gambling matches
    How to access Gambling matches (Image by Me)
  • like a dragon gaiden fast money
    Special Gambling Matches (Image by Me)

Like a Dragon Gaiden Ultimate Gambling matches occur randomly and can reward you with a huge amount of money provided you get the chance to partake in them.

The reason why I say ‘chance’ is because these are particularly unlocked to you via RNG, at least to my knowledge, since you’ll either receive a text message from the President NPCs in the VIP lounge or you can talk to them to access these matches as shown in one of the images above.

  • The Higher the bidding, the greater the risk, but it also means the greater your total cash reward for winning it.
  • The maximum bet that you can place is 9,900,000 Yen.
  • Only Kiryu can participate in these matches, so make sure you equip him with the Best Gear and Armor.
  • Just in case, make sure to make a manual save before attempting the Gambling match at the highest bidding because you will lose your betted cash if you fail to win.

3. Hell Team Rumble

Best Mid-Game Money Farm.
  • like a dragon gaiden coliseum
    Platinum Tiger Rumble 4 (Image by Me)
  • The fight 9Image by Me)
  • My Platinum Tiger 4 S-Rank (Image by Me)

The reason why I say Mid-Game is because Hell Team Rumble will most likely be your main progression path to reaching Platinum Rank. If you want, you can follow my Best Coliseum Teams guide, which showcases the ideal Joryu Clan fighters to have to progress through this mode easily. But with that said, you can pick any match that suits your current team setup to farm yen of any amount, especially a match that will be quick to finish.

  • I specifically chose the Platinum Tiger Festival 4, as showcased in the images above.
  • It doesn’t feature the Oni Bosses found in other matches and can be easily cleared with a team of fighters at Level 15 or above and relatively max bonds.
  • However, it’s understandable if some don’t find this method viable due to team setups, fighters being weak, or other reasons.
  • With an S-rank in this, you can be rewarded up to 2.8 million yen in under 1:30 minutes.

2. Sheep Man In Platinum Matches

Best Late-Game Money Farm.
  • like a dragon gaiden best ways to make money
    Sheep Man's Fun moveset! (Image by Me)
  • Rocket Launcher Heat Skill (Image by Me)
  • Sheep Man Tournament S-Rank rewards (Image by Me)

I know Chicken Man’s SMG is great, but Sheep Man is easily one of the best and most popular Coliseum fighters right now for many in the community, including me.

His moveset is ridiculously fun to juggle enemies in the tournament mode of the Castle Coliseum, making him a character that you can use to easily farm money with, specifically in the Platinum Rank Tournament match that I’ve highlighted in the images along with Sheep Man’s overpowered combos.

  • Most importantly, Sheep Man’s Heat Skill allows you to use a Rocket Launcher, which can destroy the HP of targets and even insta-kill them.
  • Before using Sheep Man, I suggest leveling him up to Level 15 and maximizing his bond by using upgrade tools found from the Fighter’s Lounge bar hostess.
  • The “2x Square and Triangle” combo is what I found most effective since it allows for easy ground juggles.
  • If you’re skilled enough, it should take you less than a minute to complete these 3 rounds for an S-rank, netting you around 3.6 Million Yen.

1. Platinum Rank Hell Rumble

Personal Favorite Money Farm Method.
  • Platinum Hell Rumble (Image by Me)
  • like a dragon gaiden best money farm
    Mowing down enemies (Image by Me)

Lastly, my personal favorite way to farm money in the game is by participating in any of the two Platinum Hell Rumbles and using Kiryu’s agent style. Keeping in mind that you unlocked the Serpent Jet Shoes and upgraded them to an extent like I mentioned above, you can simply hold down the X or A button on your controller to mow down enemies in quick succession, as shown in one of the images above.

  • Depending on how much you’ve invested in the Agent Style’s gadget upgrades, you can also use the Spider-Web here and the Firefly cigarettes to destroy enemies quickly.
  • Provided you completed it quickly with an S-rank, I was able to rack up 1.7 million yen in around 50 seconds.

My Opinion On The Money Farm Strategies

If you ask me, low money in Like a Dragon Gaiden shouldn’t be a huge concern as I only had to farm it when I needed to, which was around the closing moments of the game. While on the subject of farming money, I personally think the Sheep Man method is the best overall just because of how fun it is to play as him. The Hell Rumble one, meanwhile encourages a cheesy tactic by mowing down enemies using the gadget.

Lastly, I wouldn’t recommend maxing out Kiryu’s abilities until after you’ve completed the main story because, to me, being overpowered for the final fight ruins the climax and challenge of the boss fight itself.

This wraps up my guide, and before you go, be sure to check out Asad Ahmad’s review of Like a Dragon Gaiden for a detailed critique of the game. I hope you enjoy the game if you’re yet to play it, and if there’s any other question or query related to the guide, let me know in the comments below!

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