Like A Dragon Gaiden: Where To Find The Straw Sandals

Learn where you can find the Straw Sandals, Straw Hat, and T-shirt for the "Please Model For Me!" Stroll'n Patrol request.

Completing Stroll n’ Patrol missions in like A Dragon Gaiden helps increase your Akame level and grants Yen, which can be used to buy certain items. One of these challenges is called “Please Model For Me!”. You are supposed to find 3 items for this challenge, including the Like A Dragon Gaiden Straw Sandals.

Key Takeaways
  • Straw Sandals are a part of the “Please Model For Me!” Stroll’n Patrol request in Like A Dragon Gaiden.
  • The request requires you to wear straw sandals, a straw hat, and a T-shirt.
  • The reward for completing the request is a couple of Akame Points and 75000 Yen.

How To Start “Please Model For Me!” 

The Starting Location Of The “Please Model For Me!” request [Image Taken By Me]
You can choose to complete this task once you gain access to the Castles Boutique in Chapter 2. To start the challenge, go to the north of Castle Central Street.

Here, you will find a man near the casino’s entrance. Interact with him, and he lets you know that he is in urgent need of a model.

How To Complete The “Please Model For Me!” Request

To complete the request you need to equip a straw sandal, straw hat, and a T-shirt.

The person you are currently interacting with tells you that he needs a model who is wearing three specific items: A Straw Sandal, a Straw Hat, and a T-shirt. To complete the sidequest, you need to equip yourself with these 3 items. Visit a boutique nearby to purchase them all. You can accessorize some more, but these 3 things are a must-have. Once you are ready, go back to the person who will be waiting outside the casino. 

Where To Find The Straw Sandals

Straw Sandals
Straw Sandals In Akame’s Shop [Screenshot Taken By Me]
These sandals can only be bought from the Akame’s shop.

They cost about 5000 Network points. Make sure you have enough of the network points needed to buy them. 

Where To Get The Straw Hat

The Boutique At The Castle [Screengrab Taken By Me]
The hat is available only at the Boutique you can access it after achieving a Gold rank in the coliseum. 

For you to be able to buy it, you also need your Akame network level to be above 10. The Straw Hat will cost you 200,000 Yen.

Where To Get The T-Shirt

The Vendor Who Sells The T-shirts [Image Taken By Me]
Definitely the easiest item to get; visit the boutique and interact with the seller present there.

You can go for any T-shirt you wish; the design doesn’t matter. The price range also varies from t-shirt to t-shirt, so pick whichever t-shirt you fancy.

After collecting the 3 items, go back to the man standing outside the casino and interact with him once again. Complete the photoshoot and receive your rewards. The rewards you receive are a couple of Akame Points and 75000 Yen.

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And with that, my guide on Like A Dragon Gaiden Straw Sandals comes to an end. Here, you were given the information on the “Please Model For Me!” request, along with the locations of the straw sandals, straw hat, and T-shirt. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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