Like A Dragon Gaiden: Solve The Mysterious Note [Solution]

Learn all about how you can solve the mysterious note, which is a side quest available in the game.

To get your Akame network to level up, you will have to complete some sidequests, such as solving the Mysterious note. All of these sidequests are scattered all around the open world and can be quite time-consuming.

Key Takeaways

  • Solve The Mysterious Note is a side quest available in Chapter 4 of Like A Dragon Gaiden.
  • The request can be picked up along the river where a young man is sitting on a bench near the Hungry Tom Steakhouse.
  • To solve the mysterious note, you will need to go to the west end of Shofukucho Street.
  • Grab the golden ball, which is towards the direction of the turtle’s gaze.
  • Return the golden ball, and he will reward you with 50,000 Yen and 800 Akame Points.

Where To Start “Solve The Mysterious Note”

Start Of Solve The Mysterious Note
Starting Location Of The Solve The Mysterious Note Request [Image Taken By Me]
The “Solve The Mysterious Note” request can be started by interacting with the man on the bench that is located along the riverside parallel to Sotenbori Street.

The mysterious note sidequest will be available to players once they reach chapter 4. At the start, players will have to run along the river towards Sotenbori Street. Along the river, a young man can be found sitting on a bench near the Hungry Tom Steak House.

Now, players will have to approach a man sitting on the bench, and he lets them know about the mysterious note and how to solve it. The note tells you that an orb is to be found beyond the gazes of the four turtles. 

How To Solve The Mysterious Note

Location Of The Riddle
Location / Solution To The Mysterious Note Riddle [Screenshot Taken By Me]
To solve the mysterious note, you will have to grab the golden ball that is located at the place where the four turtles are gazing.

  1. Proceed onto Shofukucho Street towards the west end.
  2. Just below the Shofukucho sign here, all four turtles will be visible.
  3. Locate the direction in which the turtles are looking.
  4. When you finally see the golden ball, grab it and hand it back to the exact person who gave you the quest.
  5. For your hard work, you will be gifted with 50,000 Yen and 800 Akame points.

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And with that, my guide on Like A Dragon Gaiden Solve The Mysterious Note comes to an end. Here, you were given the solution to the mysterious note side quest available in Like A Dragon Gaiden. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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