Like a Dragon Gaiden: Akame Points [Earn, Investments, Tips]

Learn everything about the Akame Network in Like a Dragon Gaiden, how to earn points for levels, the investments, and the requests.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Akame Points are directly linked to Akame Network, the major side activity of the game where you can increase its levels, unlock bonuses in the form of investments, and partake in the sub-stories which gradually unlock. Earning the points is easier said than done, in my opinion, after which you can then use them to purchase either ability upgrades for Kiryu or use them in Akame’s Network shop.

Key Takeaways
  • Akame Points are essentially the secondary currency of Like a Dragon Gaiden, unlocked when introduced to the Akame Network activity.
  • Akame Points are earned by completing Support requests for random NPCs, Job requests, AKA Sub stories, and through various feats in the Activity Log.
  • Investments are important as you can use these to help with Akame Point progression via Discounts on abilities and more.
  • In my experience, try to do the Support requests and Side stories in between the main story so you can freely get all of Kiryu’s ability upgrades at the end.

How To Earn Akame Points

  • like a dragon gaiden akame points
    NPC Support Missions (Image by Me)
  • like a dragon gaiden jobs
    Job Requests / sub-stories (Image by Me)
  • like a dragon gaiden activity log
    Activity Log (Image By Me)

You will unlock the Akame Network activity in Chapter 2, accessed by visiting her office.

After which, you can start earning points to level up the Network’s standing in three main ways, which are also presented in the images above:

  • Support Missions: Known as Stroll’n Patrol by Akame, and mostly fetch-quest quests like finding a Black Car to photograph for an NPC.
  • Job Requests: If you’re a veteran Yakuza series fan like me, you will instantly recognize these as the sub-stories that can offer large chunks of Akame Point and Cash rewards on completion.
  • Activity Log: Essentially a large checklist where completing certain feats can help you earn extra points, such as eating at restaurants or traveling a certain distance on foot.

Lastly, there are a total of 30 Akame Network Network levels, offering a bonus for reaching specific thresholds and rewarding you with surplus points and cash from Akame herself.

Akame Points Shop

akame points
Akame Points Shop (Image by Me)

Akame’s Point shop and its inventory upgrades are unlocked via investments, and you can purchase the following items in this shop, from helpful accessories to healing items:

ItemsShop Level RequirementPoint Cost
Silver PlateLevel 1150
Gold PlateLevel 11500
Platinum PlateLevel 13000
Cyber SunglassesLevel 13000
Taxi Driver CapLevel 13000
Staminan RoyaleLevel 12000
Dragon MaskLevel 15000
Straw SandalsLevel 15000
Weird Stranger MakeupLevel 15000
Slick tires PlusLevel 2500
Gold BallLevel 2777
Bloody TalismanLevel 2800
Tauriner MaximumLevel 21000
Toughness InfinityLevel 23000
Extra Speed FrameLevel 21500
Premier DartsLevel 22000
Indra's AmuletLevel 210000
Royal Joker CardLevel 35000
Bust AmuletLevel 35000
Blackjack AmuletLevel 35000
Triple YokanLevel 35000
Ten-Ten-One CharmLevel 35000
Lucky Hanafuda CardLevel 35000
Nine Gates TileLevel 36500
Ichiban Senbei (Shoyu)Level 430
Ichiban Senbei (Salt)Level 430
Tauriner InfinityLevel 43000
Staminan SparkLevel 44000
Legend DartsLevel 48000
Dragon God AmuletLevel 460000


akame points
Investments (Image by me)

As you’re generating cash via random drops from enemies and through sub-stories, you can primarily spend them on various kinds of investments, which are passive bonuses to help you in Akame Network’s point progression.

Important: I strongly recommend grabbing the Akame Point increasing and Ability Discount investments first, as these will greatly lessen the overall grind.

Following is the list of investments that you can unlock across 4 different levels:

Unlocks the Akame Shop. Level 1 80,000 Yen
Unlocks extra items for sale in the shop. Level 1 80,000 Yen
More items added to shop inventory Level 1 150,000 Yen
Further increases Akame Shop item variety. Level 1 300,000 Yen
Generate Akame Points when completing activities. Level 2 100,000 Yen
Ability Upgrade point cost is reduced by 5%. Level 2 100,000 Yen
Increases enemy money drop rate in random encounters by 5%. Level 2 100,000 Yen
Ability Upgrade point cost is further reduced by 10%. Level 3 300,000 Yen
Money drop rate in random encounters by 10%. Level 3 300,000 Yen
Akame point discount for ability upgrades increased to 15%. Level 3 500,000 Yen
Increased Akame Points gained when completing activities. Level 4 300,000 Yen
Money drop rate in random encounters by enemies is increased to 15%. Level 4 500,000 Yen
Akame Points gained by activity completion are increased to the maximum amount. Level 4 500,000 Yen

My Tips To Maximize Akame Points

After spending 10+ hours in Like a Dragon Gaiden, be sure to prioritize the Investment upgrades I mentioned above so that you won’t have to tediously grind surplus Akame points later on to min-max Kiryu’s abilities. I found that the Stroll’n Patrol missions are the best way to get points, but you should also tackle a few substories every once or then between the main story missions.

These tips will ensure you’re not under-leveled against major fights in Like a Dragon Gaiden as well as help you obtain that Platinum Trophy with ease, too.

This concludes my guide; while on the subject of Akame Network and its points, be sure to also check out my guide on how to find the Flying Takoyaki for a support request. Be sure to let me know in the comments below what you think of the game so far and if you have any questions or queries to help you with!

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