Like A Dragon Gaiden: Best Kiryu Outfits [Casual Wear & Coliseum]

Design various outfits for Kiryu in Like A Dragon Gaiden using the best style ideas and combinations for as fashionable look.

Like A Dragon Gaiden allows players to customize Kiryu with various clothes and accessories. You can combine multiple fashion items to create a dashing outfit for Kiryu while he takes down his opponents in style. You might want to put up a few separate outfits for casual wear and coliseum, as both feature different looks. 

Before You Start: You can buy various clothes from the boutique found in the castle; furthermore, a few items can be acquired at Akame’s shop.

Important: Note that all items will not be available for purchase right away, and you might need to increase a few ranks at the Coliseum to unlock more purchasable styles at the boutique.

Key Takeaways
  • You can design various Casual Wear and Coliseum Outfits for Kiryu in Like A Dragon Gaiden. 
  • The Casual Wear outfits will require players to use glasses, unlike Coliseum costumes, which require a mask.
  • My favorite outfits in Like A Dragon Gaiden are Rich Gentleman and Deadly Surgeon.

Kiryu’s casual wear outfits will require you to use a pair of glasses that he uses to hide his face as an undercover spy, along with other customizable clothes and accessories. Coordinating outfits that will complement his spy look while still looking fashionable is essential. 

1. Retro Casual

like a dragon gaiden casual outfit
Retro Casual Outfit (image captured by eXputer)
  • Head: Tam
  • Shoes: Slippers
  • Glasses: Round Sunglasses
  • Style: Short-sleeved button-up

Give Kiryu a casual retro look by using his items. The Tam design is straight from the 90s era, along with the classic button-up shirt and slippers, which complement the round sunglasses for a stylish vintage look. The outfit looks comfortable enough as a casual outfit for Kiryu. 

2. Rich And Luxurious

like a dragon outfit kiryu
Rich Gentleman look (image captured by me)
  • Hands: Silver Ring
  • Shoes: Snakeskin Shoes
  • Pocket Flair: Carnation
  • Style: Three-Piece Suit
  • Hat: Fedora
  • Glasses: Big Frame Sunglasses
  • Ears: Cuff Earrings

Display your wealth with this lush, luxurious look. Start by wearing a gold Three-Piece Suit and add a carnation. The Snakeskin Shoes and Silver Ring may be expensive but complement the rich style. Add the accessories listed above to complete the outfit. 

3. Yakuza Style

yakuza look outfit
yakuza style (image taken by eXputer)
  • Style: Long-Sleeved Button-up
  • Shoes: Leather Shoes
  • Nails: Gel Nails
  • Earrings: Cuff Earrings
  • Makeup: Color Contacts (Gold)
  • Glasses: Wellington Sunglasses

The Yakuza love their printed shirts, so start the look by customizing your Long-Sleeved Button-up to a printed pattern. While I have used Gel nails in my yakuza look, you can try out other accessories suitable for a yakuza such as Silver Ring or Leather Gloves. While I think Cuff Earrings is best suited for my outfit, you can try out various available earrings. Add any Yakuza Dress Up Badge and a few accessories and complete the look.  

4. RGG Fan

like a dragon gaiden kiryu outfits
RGG Fanboy Outfit (image captured by me)
  • Style: T-Shirt
  • Glasses: Big Frame Sunglasses
  • Makeup: Kitty Makeup
  • Shoes: Sneakers

To start with the look, pick up a T-shirt and customize it to the RGG logo pattern, and choose any color of your preference; I chose the color blue for the casual Kiryu outfit. Customize a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers to complement the style further. The Kitty Makeup is optional, but it adds a little otaku vibe to the overall outfit. 

5. The Joker

customize outfit like a dragon gaiden
The Joker
  • Style: Three-Piece Suit
  • Hands: Leather Gloves
  • Glasses: Rimless Sunglasses
  • Shoes: Leather Shoes
  • Makeup: Clown Makeup

The look is reminiscent of the Joker, a recurrent villain in the Batman franchise. If there is one thing in common between the Joker and Kiryu, it’s that both lead terribly tragic lives. So, giving Kiryu a Joker casual wear outfit pays homage to the beloved antagonist. 

Start the outfit with the iconic Clown Makeup; Joker tends to wear a Three-Piece Suit, so make sure you choose that for Kiryu and pick the color Red for the movie look. You can also choose to use white Leather Gloves, which clowns often wear. 

Like A Dragon Gaiden Coliseum Kiryu Outfits

Kiryu’s Coliseum Outfit in Like A Dragon Gaiden will always require him to use a mask because he cannot reveal his face to the world. You can design various costume outfits for Kiryu using multiple clothes and accessories and take on the Coliseum Stadium in style. 

1. Brutal Gentleman

coliseum outfit
Deadly Gentleman (image captured by eXputer)
  • Style: Formal Attire
  • Mask: Masquerade Mask
  • Pocket Flair: Single Rose
  • Makeup: Color Contacts (Silver)
  • Hands: Leather Gloves
  • Shoes: Leather Shoes

While this Coliseum Outfit makes Kiryu look like a true gentleman, it hides a ruthless style beneath. This gentleman doesn’t like to keep his hands dirty, so he wears Leather Gloves while shedding blood. While the Masquerade Mask is optional, I added it to the outfit to give it a more refined look. 

2. Friday The 13th

customizable outfits kiryu
Friday The 13th (image taken by eXputer)
  • Style: Long-Sleeved Button-up
  • Mask: Hockey Mask
  • Shoes: Sneakers

This Sinister Outfit is one of the most effortless designs for the Coliseum. Make sure you pick the white Hockey Mask. You can choose any casual-looking attire in the style tab and choose black colors, befitting the iconic serial killer. 

3. Fox Thief

Coliseum custom outfits
Fox Thief (image captured by eXputer)
  • Mask: Fox Mask
  • Style: Bodysuit
  • Hands: Leather Gloves
  • Shoes: Leather Shoes

The outfit involves a lot of Leather befitting a thief. The Bodysuit, Leather Gloves, and Leather Shoes complement one another. A fox is sly and sneaky; therefore, I chose a Fox Mask for a burglar look to make it suitable for the overall look. 

4. Deadly Surgeon

surgeon outfit like a dragon gaiden
Deadly Surgeon (image by eXputer)
  • Style: T-Shirt
  • Mask: Black Medical Mask
  • Makeup: Old Scar Makeup
  • Shoes: Monk Strap Loafers
  • Hands: Leather Gloves

The dangerous-looking doctor will make quick work of the enemies in the Coliseum. To create this deadly look, choose a sinister black medical mask befitting a surgeon of the dark. A surgeon must have his gloves; therefore, I picked the white leather gloves to complete the look. 

5. Ono Michio

like a dragon gaiden ono michio
Ono Michio (image captured by me)
  • Mask: Ono Michio Head
  • Style: T-Shirt
  • Shoes: Sneakers

If you are a Bonafide Yakuza fan like myself, you must be familiar with the iconic Mascot Ono Michio. In fact, you might also try getting your hands on the Ono Michio figure. You can get the Ono Michio Mask after you get the gold rank in the Coliseum. 

You do not need a lot of accessories to make this look, as most of the face will be hidden under the mask. I didn’t pick formal attire with the Ono Michio head because a casual look suits the overall outfit more. You can pick up any casual style if you prefer not to wear a T-shirt. 

My Thoughts On Kiryu’s Outfits

Yakuza Like A Dragon allows you to customize Kiryu’s outfits extensively, unlike any previous entry in the franchise. I enjoyed designing various outfits for Kiryu throughout my gameplay. Personally, I liked the Rich Gentleman and Deadly Surgeon looks the most. Read up on Asad Ahmed’s detailed Like A Dragon Gaiden review of the title if you want to know more about the title. 

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