Like A Dragon Gaiden: Where To Get Ono Michio Figure

Learn everything from where to get and how to complete the Ono Michio Figure Stroll'n Patrol request.

Most missions and requests you get in Like A Dragon Gaiden are simple to do and take just a few minutes of your time. However, some are quite mind-boggling, and the Ono Michio Figure is one of them. Finding the Ono Michio figure is difficult since you are not given any hints or told where to look.

Key Takeaways
  • The Ono Michio is a figure that you need to retrieve for a Stroll’n Patrol request in Like A Dragon Gaiden.
  • The request can be started by talking to a young, enthusiastic man around the corner of Courstar.
  • Furthermore, the figure can be obtained by winning the UFO game at the arcade.

Where To Start The Ono Michio Figure Request 

The Young Man Who Gives You The Request [Image Taken By Me]
At the corner of Courstar, you will find an enthusiastic young man who will give you the task. 

Found at the E Shofukucho Street. I found him standing right outside the bookstore. I interacted with him here, and he gave me the task of finding the Ono Michio Figure. As I said before, he gave me no hints, but there is only one place where you can purchase figures: the arcade.

Where To Get The Ono Michio Figure

Club Sega
Club SEGA [Screenshot Taken By Me]
The figure you are looking for is present at the arcade. You can win the figure by winning the UFO game. 

Therefore, all you have to do is go into the club SEGA arcade on Sotenbori Street. Go towards the claw machines, and you shall see the Ono Michio Figure present here. However, do note that the figure may not be on display. Thus you will need to talk to the staff, and she will bring out this prize for you. 

How To Get The Ono Michio Figure

Ono Michio
The Ono Michio pixel Figure [Screengrab Taken By Me]
The only possible way for you to get the figure is by playing the UFO game. It costs you 500 yen per try. 

Honestly, it is quite difficult to win, and this is because you need to make sure that the claw is at the exact center of the figure. It is most likely that it will take you multiple tries. Therefore, be patient and keep on trying your best!

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And with that, my guide on Like A Dragon Gaiden Ono Michio Figure comes to an end. Here, you were informed on how to get the Ono Michio Figure request and how to solve it. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section below.

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