Like A Dragon Gaiden: How To Recruit Majima

Recruit Majima and crush your opponents in the Coliseum brutally.

The Coliseum battles in Like A Dragon Gaiden will require you to recruit several characters, including Majima. These battles are a great way to let off some steam in brutal combat and test your strength. For efficient team combat, it is essential to great the best teams, and Majima is one of the premium characters with great stats you can add to your Coliseum party. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can recruit Majima if you pre-ordered Like A Dragon Gaiden.
  • Majima was a part of the Legendary Fighter Pack obtained as a pre-order bonus. 
  • Majima has a dangerous heat skill that can easily crush opponents during Coliseum matches in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How To Recruit Majima 

recruit Majima in Like a dragon gaiden
Majima’s Hanya Tattoo

For your Coliseum teams, you can recruit Majima as a playable character in Like A Dragon Gaiden. However, he can only be acquired if you preordered the title. Unfortunately, Majima cannot be obtained by any other means. However, he might become playable if the developers add Majima and other bonus characters in a purchasable DLC, though it is unconfirmed. 

Majima was a part of the Legendary Fighter Pack, and he could be obtained after preordering the standard edition of Like A Dragon Gaiden on Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation stores. The Legendary Fighter Pack included these additional Coliseum fighters.

  • Daigo Dojima
  • Taiga Saejima
  • Goro Majima

Majima is a gold DPS fighter for the Coliseum who can easily take down any opponent. He has a strong heat skill that I find pretty brutal, as it can slash all nearby enemies and deal heavy damage through a spinning attack, crushing everyone surrounding him. 

How To Claim Pre-Order Bonuses

Obtaining the Legendary Fighter Pack as a pre-order bonus is quite easy. As you start the game, just after the title screen, when you are prompted to press any button, you will see a pop-up that shows that you have obtained the bonus characters. You can use your recruited Majima in Like A Dragon Gaiden when you reach the Coliseum in your gameplay. 

My Thoughts On Recruiting Majima

In my opinion, recruiting Majima in Like A Dragon Gaiden is worth it for your Coliseum party. His brutal and unforgiving playstyle will surely give you some easy victories and an upper hand during your matches. Unfortunately, players who didn’t get to preorder the title cannot obtain him yet; however, I am hopeful that the developers will sooner or later make Majima recruitable via additional DLC

If you would like to learn more about Like A Dragon Gaiden, make sure to check out Asad Ahmed’s detailed review of Like A Dragon Gaiden.

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