Perrikaryal, Known For Playing Elden Ring With Only Her Mind, Has A Message For Elon Musk

Perrikaryal asked Elon musk to modify Neuralink’s device so that gamers can play games using only their minds and without controllers.

Story Highlights

  • Twitch streamer, Perrikaryal, devised a way to play Elden Ring with her mind.
  • She hooked an EEG machine to her brain and used her mind’s ability to control the game.
  • In her stream, she asked Elon Musk, who is currently underway developing Neuralink, to modify it in such a way that she won’t have to add saline solution repeatedly to her head.

Twitch streamer, Perrikaryal, recently rose to fame for playing Elden Ring using only her brain with the help of an EEG machine. Viewers were astonished to see her play the game without using a controller.

In her recent stream, she conveyed Elon Musk a message to make Neuralink in such a way that she wouldn’t have to add saline solution to her head and wouldn’t have to charge her device repeatedly.

Earlier, Elon Musk attempted to amaze the public with his announcement of Neuralink trials to begin on human beings that develop implantable brain–computer interfaces.

On January 23, Twitch streamer Perrikaryal amazed the public with her ability to play Elden Ring using only her mind. She focused deeply and then commanded, “Attack,” in response to which the character in the game complied. 

Media personality, Jake Lucky, shared the clip on his Twitter account and explained that Perrikaryal uses the EEG machine and that different brain activity is bound to different commandments in the game. 

Her masters in Psychology is a bonus to her creativity in using her brain to play the game. Elon Musk was also in the news headlines earlier for a similar reason. He announced his neurotechnology company, Neuralink, was to begin human trials by implanting brain–computer interfaces. 

Perrikaryal, in her stream, asked Elon Musk to modify Neuralink in such a way that it would prevent her from the trouble of repeatedly adding a saline solution and that she wouldn’t have to charge the machine again and again.

I don’t necessarily love the fact that I have to keep adding saline solution and the fact that I have to charge it.”

She then addressed Elon Musk, saying, 

If Elon Musk wanted to make it (Neuralink), you know, so that we can play Elden Ring, that would be great.

Twitter users had mixed reactions to her request. With some joyed over the idea, many felt that it would turn out to be a disaster.

One user appreciated the idea highlighting that it would be very beneficial for people who lost their arms or fingers,

This is actually amazing, imagine how many people have lost their arms or some of their fingers, and by using this type of things they would now be able to do a lot of things in the computer/phone that they couldn’t do before.”

What do you think about playing a game using only your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments section ahead.

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