TommyInnit Starts Streaming Accidentally, Remains Unaware The Whole Time

After ending his first stream, TommyInnit accidentally began another one and was live for some time before he realized it and immediately ended the stream.

Thomas Simons, better known as TommyInnit is one of the most followed people on Twitch with 7.4 Million followers. He has also earned a big name in videos regarding Minecraft and often collaborates with famous YouTubers and streamers in the Dream SMP.

On December 4th, TommyInnit hosted a 3-hour 20-minute long broadcast on his channel. After ending this live stream, he accidentally started another one, completely unaware that he was live. He sat in silence watching fellow streamer and YouTuber, ishowspeed’s video in which the latter was shouting, “MrBeast! MrBeast! No map! Yeah! No map!

Major Takeaways

  • TommyInnit went live on Twitch for more than three hours.
  • After ending his first stream, he accidentally started another one.
  • His viewers kept commenting to let him know that he was live.
  • TommyInnit realized this after three minutes and ended the stream.

 His viewers kept commenting to let TommyInnit know that he was live and told him to end the stream but he did not see the comments. After about 3 minutes, he finally realized that he was live and burst out laughing. 

I’m still live? Wait, did I do anything on stream? Did I do anything? I just kind of sat there! Went on YouTube. Oh, f**k! I’ve never done that before! Oh f**k! Bye!

Watch TommyInnit’s hilarious reaction in the video below.


This wasn’t the first instance when TommyInnit mistakenly did something on his stream. In March, he accidentally leaked a photo of his passport while he was live for Dream SMP.

Initially, he wasn’t sure what happened and said, “60% sure just leaked passport.” He was a bit shaken but laughed it off saying to his fans,

Let me trust you guys. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t with my ID right now.” As he replayed the moment when he leaked his passport. Thankfully it was a blur and his personal information could not have been deduced from it, after which he joked with his fans, “Get f***ed, idiots!” 

What do you think about TommyInnit’s hilarious leaks on his stream? Let us know in the comments ahead. 

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