Fans Are Angling For A Twisted Metal Game After The TV Series’ Success

Twisted Metal has become Peacock’s most-binged comedy ever.

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  • Released on July 27th, starring Anthony Mackie, Twisted Metal shattered Peacock’s previous records to become its most binged original comedy series ever.
  • The show had a surplus of 400M viewing minutes on the first weekend.
  • The average account watched about three episodes per sitting, with some opting to knock out all 10 in a single viewing window.
  • Many fans have begun to express their love for the series by giving it a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

On July 27th, “Twisted Metal” made its debut exclusively on Peacock, garnering remarkable viewership figures and receiving favorable ratings for its episodes. The season finale, in particular, achieved an impressive 8.8 rating on IMDB. This resurgence of interest has reignited the enthusiasm of dedicated long-time fans, who are now expressing a renewed desire for sequels to the original games.

Hopefully this means we get a new Twisted Metal game
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Twisted Metal had been in development since early 2021 coupled with trailers and leaks that started seeping into later years. With the games so old, not many expected the TV series to do much in the way of innovation, and players imagined it to be a half-baked show with no depth. To many viewers’ surprise, the show was enjoyable and filled with enough chaotic action to keep things entertaining.

Due to the nature of the batch release, viewers were able to crunch multiple episodes in one sitting, which further increased its viewership and influence on the streaming site. The show contains 10 episodes and each episode sits at around 20 minutes of pure chaos and the franchise favorite, Sweet Tooth, as well as some other memorable characters. 

The show also has fans wanting a new game from its original franchise. This is definitely due to Sweet Tooth and how likable and scene-stealing he is. One fan had this to say about the show,

Sweet Tooth really steals the show and that makes sense because he’s pretty much the unofficial mascot of PlayStation at this point. I’d even go as far as to say I enjoyed it more than The Last of Us. Some critics need to pull the stick out of their a**es. Kind of hope it gets the Cobra Kai treatment and gets ported to Netflix with a bigger budget.”

Even before the show’s release, there were still quite a few players that were hoping for PlayStation to announce some sort of new entry to the series when they were having their showcases. And after the release of the show and its positive reaction, viewers and players both were reignited by the world and chaos of the Twisted Metal franchise, with many hoping for more in the future.

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Originally released on the PlayStation, Twisted Metal was one of the earliest games on the market, and quite a popular one at that too. After tons of sequels and reboots, the franchise’s last installment was in 2012, this version of the game focuses heavily on multiplayer combat, including various online game modes with up to 4-player split-screen and 16-players online.

Twisted Metal 2012 was also source material for the show and whatever else is yet to come. Although the show and series do differ quite a lot, this expanse allowed for a new experience, and one many viewers seemed to have enjoyed. As reported by Deadline,the average account watched about three episodes per sitting, with some opting to knock out all 10 in a single viewing window.

This also proves that in some cases, batch releases helped a series.

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Twisted Metal surprisingly shattered Peacock’s previous records to become its most binged original comedy series ever. With Twisted Metal gaining over 400M viewing minutes in the last weekend, and many viewers watching the show in batches was a spell of fortune. The show is already exploding on YouTube as major content creators talk about its story and premise, not to mention the extremely unique cast.

With this much success, there is an extremely high possibility for there to be some sort of sequel, either in TV form or in a much more anticipated game release. Some of the older games of the franchise are available to play on PlayStation Premium right now, this could hint towards a remake or a sequel of some sort, but until we get more confirmations we can’t say much aside from pure speculation.

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