Twitch Streamer, WeFoundTheBody Grilled For Insensitive Remark To Fan’s Trauma

In WeFoundTheBody’s live stream, a fan mentioned that her mom had died in response to which the Twitch streamer humiliated her and criticized her answer.

WeFoundTheBody is a new streamer on Twitch. He was recently all over the news amongst the Twitch community but unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons.

A fan named, MissNerdyCurvy was a frequent commenter under the Twitch streamer, WeFoundTheBody’s stream. However, she was recently absent for some time in response to which the streamer asked “where the f**k” had she been? Answering his question, she replied that her mom died.

WeFoundTheBody then went on a verbal rampage against her saying that she was “trauma dumping” in his chat,

“MissNerdyCurvy you know what we’re not going to do? We’re not going to talk about it in my chat cause it’s Friday and that is a whole big bucket of bummer. I didn’t ask you to tell me the biggest f*ckin bummer news in the world, I said what’s up, how are you?”

Major Takeaway:

  • WeFoundTheBody was hosting a live stream when he asked a fan why she had been absent for some time.
  • The fan replied that her mom had died.
  • WeFoundTheBody then humiliated and criticized her for writing this.

WeFoundTheBody further insulted her in his live stream,

 Let me give you a little bit of a lesson MissNerdyCurvy, when something really really bad is going on in your life and in a public forum, someone asks you ‘Hey Whats up, how are you?’ there are two acceptable responses. Good, and ‘You know what, ill make it through.’ That’s it.”

On December 14, the fan shared her account, of the experience of leaving a comment under the Twitch streamer’s live stream, on Twitter with the name of MissNerdyCurvy.

She further said that she understands that she dumped some heavy news on the streamer but also said that his response was unacceptable. She further stated that she just “answered a question” and in response got “lectured along with humiliated”

After the streamer was heavily criticized online, he then apologized on his Twitter account and also made a video on YouTube apologizing.

YouTube video

WeFoundTheBody further apologized to MissNerdyCurvy on his Twitter account, “My apologies to her. I shouldn’t have been such a douche.” He also attempted to explain his behavior, “I was just annoyed from the repeated trauma dumping that had been happening that week. My mistake.”

Many users still criticized him with most of them saying that the Twitch streamer was just apologizing because he was being called out and was under fire and that he didn’t mean the apology.

One user wrote, “No idea who you are, but I’ve seen the clip. Because of what I saw I would never support your stream. Very rude and no empathy.”

Do you think Twitch streamer, WeFoundTheBody’s apology was genuine? Let us know in the comments section ahead. 

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