11 bit studios Teases New Game Reveal On 12th June

"We are not the same."

11 bit studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Frostpunk and This War of Mine, teased a new title which will be showcased live on June 12th on the PC Gaming Show event by PC Gamer. After announcing Frostpunk 2 a while back, players were not expecting a new reveal this early.

The new teaser is titled We are not the same.” This extremely small snippet shows players a man waking up, that’s it. Most players would roll over their eyes and won’t take another glance at it, but if anything, 11 bit studios loves putting out minor teasers for all its projects. Some of these teasers reveal so much information that it could spoil the entire premise of the game.

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.” This quote by Alexis Carrel is the only detail given to players. By stringing all of this along, players have also started to connect to a pattern. “We are not the same,” “man cannot remake himself;” a human coming to life. 

With all these strings of information, players theorize that this could be a sequel to the Anomaly franchise, which was released way back in 2011. In this game, an alien invasion had already happened, but the intention of these extra-terrestrials seems to be peaceful.

Suddenly, the title starts to make sense. In this game, players play as a cross-breed entity whose purpose is to do what the aliens did. Not invade, but rather grow their civilization. However, knowing that this game has aliens, it’s plausible that players could encounter a species which isn’t very approachable.

This game seems to complete the Anomaly franchise’s trilogy after more than a decade. Coming back into the clutches of the vast and terror-filled world, if this theory holds true, it might light up another saga into the deep and jaw-dropping universe of Anomaly.

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