A plethora of information revealed for MY HERO: ONE’S JUSTICE

One feels happy and full of joy when he/she gets to read about the one thing he/she has been waiting for. To find out about two is even better but on July 5th, Bandai Namco outdid all as they announced the launch date, Bonus characters and Pre-order bonuses all at once for their upcoming game, My Hero: One’s Justice.

The title was oh so subtly brought out to the players through this trailer

The game allows players to live the Anime Life as they play through it. It gives them the chance to play through character-defining moments from the anime and game-exclusive original scenarios in Story Mode. After clearing the story from the hero’s point-of-view, players unlock Villain Mode where they will be able to play through the story from the villain’s perspective. By completing these missions, players can unlock items for their characters, making them even more powerful. Players can choose to play online and battle other players to hone their skills and become a worldwide hero.

Bandai Namco, as the trailer also reveals, give players a chance to order the game before so that they may get a chance to play with the character Endeavour. This puts players who pre-order it in a senior place, respectively, being the only ones to be able to access this exclusive feature. Not only that, they also introduced two new characters to the mix.


Another villain joins the fight. Muscular’s game-changing Quirk, Muscle Augmentation, allows him to grow muscle fibres across his entire body conferring immense strength to him during the battle.

Gran Torino

Although retired, Gran Torino still brings fear to his enemies and students alike! Gran Torino is the mentor of All Might himself. His Quirk Jet makes him one of the fastest heroes alive, rolling back his many years to battle against the best of the best.

The game is all set for its 26th October launch this year. As for now, it is available for pre-order, luring people in with this plethora of features offered to those who do. My Hero: One’s Justice will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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