7 Best Defensive Badges NBA 2K21

Create a Strong Defensive Build to Compete like a Champion!

Creating a strong defense built in the NBA is as important as creating a perfect attack strategy. Defensive badges play an important role in winning one-to-one. Investing your time in collecting the defensive badges will give you inferiority over other players because most of them focus more on learning offensive strategies. This article will help you find the best defensive badges In 2K21 that will boost up your performance. While you are here, make sure you also go through Dribble Moves to enhance those Defensive moves.

Best Defense Badges In NBA 2K21

Badge NameDescription
ClampsIncreases your chances of winning a 1v1 against dribblers
Heart CrusherAfter getting a steal or a block the team's takeover meter lowers
InterceptorThe frequency of successfully tipped or intercepted passes increases
Brick WallMakes your defense tougher and solid. A contact with another player
will make them lose more energy than normal
Rim ProtectorIncreases your chances of blocking shots
IntimidatorDecreases the opponents strength in making shots
Rebound ChaserIncreases your chances of winning a rebound situation

All the topmost skillful players have mastered their defensive build. So, if you want to compete with those players or want to share the same level of achievements as them, you shouldn’t ignore the defense side.

Most of the interior defenses in this 2K21 are already broken, so it will be a waste if you get them to higher levels by spending loads of points over useless badges. Most of the badges in this generation have failed to meet our expectations. They are not performing up to the mark, despite the fact that these badges were on top by all means of defense in previous generation 2k20. Therefore, it is necessary to check them out beforehand to avoid any inconvenience in the final game.

Choosing the best defensive badges can be a little worrisome for many players out there. This guide will help you to select the best badges out of all that will contribute greatly to your victory.

Best defensive Badges 2k21
List of defensive badges 2k21


According to almost every pro player, this is a must-have defensive badge that you should strive for in the first place. If jumping or Jumpshot In 2k21, to HOF with this badge is possible for you, then you should definitely upgrade this to higher levels as much as possible. The higher the level, the better the results will be. Whether it is defending the iso or any screen, this badge does wonders.

Heart Crusher

If you get a steal, the entire team will lose the takeover progress, so if your entire team uses this badge then it will give you a guaranteed victory. When you block a shot or steal the ball from the opponent, the takeover meter goes down. If you equip the heart crusher at the very right moment, the takeover meter will go down even more drastically.

This badge also has the ability to make the entire opponent team go cold. This badge didn’t get many appraisals in the previous generation because it was somehow broken. If you already own an intimidator badge, then you should definitely earn this badge too as they both do wonders when combined.


Best defensive Badges 2k21
Interceptor info

It maximizes the speed of the steal attempts. As compared to the pickpocket, it is more efficient in defensive and rebounding abilities.

Steals determine the efficiency of the player in NBA 2k. The modes of the game don’t affect the credibility and reliability of interceptors; thus, it will give the same outstanding results in every mode. Once you get this badge, you will be able to swing throughout the court, interrupting the passes. This badge alone has the ability to change the game on the defensive side if used at higher levels.

Interceptor in this 2k21 generation tends to have more IQ than it was in the previous generation of 2k20. It can also be used as an effective defensive badge for the center. It interrupts the passes within the range giving the defender a chance to snatch the ball.

Brick Wall

This badge makes a defense tougher to get through and around screens, players hit by contact with a brick wall lose more energy than normal. If you are looking for something that can maximize the efficiency of screens, then go for it. If you lack some glass cleaning finishers, then you can also add this badge to your list. According to nba 2k21 official website, it is suggested to use this badge along with a pick and roller badge for effective and improvised results.

Rim Protector

Another remarkable rebounding and defensive badge for blocking shots. It helps to increase the f takeover meter along with the ability to block the opponent’s shots. Using this badge on bronze level is enough but, if you want more animations then you can go for gold or HOF. You can successfully goaltend if you combine this badge with the higher level of chase down. It can grant a 10+ boost to the player for better defense. It can be activated instantly and easily, that’s why it is ideal for big men.

Best defensive Badges 2k21
Rim Protector blocking shots


The only defensive badge that comes to mind while talking about glass cleaning finishers is INTIMIDATOR. Yes, you read it correctly. If you have a HOF intimidator, then this single badge will do wonders and will be more than enough.

It will decrease the opponent’s strength in making shots. It is one of the favorite badges among interior players. However, it can also provide the same benefit to wing defenders if used correctly.

Rebound Chaser

Selecting a perfect rebounder in this game is something that you cannot miss. If you are playing a big man, then a rebound chaser is surely one of the best options for you. It will help you to get better animation positions and make you stand out among others. this strength booster badge, if combined with the box badge then it will help to lift up your position tremendously. If you lack some points, then you should not take this badge to HOF, as it works absolutely fine on the gold tier too. Other than intimidator, this badge is also considered as one of the best defensive badges for glass cleaning finisher 2k21.

How To Get Defensive Badges In 2k21

Playing on HOF and doing defensive drills in practice will help you improve the defensive side at a great level. Also, putting a pickpocket badge on first will help you get blitz steals. Make sure to go against a point guard and try bait blocks along with the good shot contest.

You get 500 XP for every block, so if you manage to get 5 blocks in a single game that means you are going to have 5000 XP towards the defensive badge at the end of the game. In this way, you will be able to collect a large sum of the best defensive badges in 2k21 in less than a day.

Unexpectedly, it is experienced by many pro players that completing warehouse challenges also contributes in building a good defensive side. Another best way to get defensive badges 2k21 is to let the big man open in the paint and wait for the pass to come, this will result in block able shots. You will get a great lead on other players by following these tips and tricks. If you get a perfect grip on how to use these badges accordingly, then it will be impossible for any other player to cross your defensive build.

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