Top 11 Best 2K21 Playmaking Badges

NBA 2k21 has an overwhelming selection of badges to choose from. Here is our list of some of the Best Playmaking Badges 2k21!

Badges in NBA, like the defensive badges, are essential to track down your progress and show your best skills. Their organization is by the categories of Defense or rebounding, finishing, shooting, playmaking, etc. You unlock badges by building up badge points in each skill. These badge points reflect your expertise in each skill on the court. Like our best-finishing badges, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the best playmaking badges. Every successful team needs a playmaker to conquer the court. We have curated a list of the best playmaking badges 2K21 offers.

Key Takeaways
  • Badges in NBA 2K21 are crucial for enhancing player attributes.
  • They cover areas like defense, playmaking, rebounding, finishing, and shooting.
  • Badges can be purchased with points earned in the game.
  • Playmaking badges are essential for creating scoring opportunities.
  • Notable playmaking badges include Quick First Step, Dimer, Tight Handles, Stop-and-Go, and Bail-Out.
  • Each badge has specific requirements and costs associated with it.

Our Picks Compared

Complete details of the 11 best playmaking badges:

Badge NameRequirements
Quick First Step- SG,SF,PG: Speed With Ball 74 (GOLD) 94 (HOF)
- PF: Speed with Ball 64 (GOLD) 81 (HOF)
- C: Speed with Ball 55 (GOLD)
Dimer- PG, SG, SF: Pass Accuracy 70 (GOLD) 90 (HOF)
- PF: Pass Accuracy 67 (GOLD) 85 (HOF)
- C: Pass Accuracy 63 (GOLD) 81 (HOF)
Handles For Days- PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 64 (GOLD) 82 (HOF)
- PF: Ball Handle 60 (GOLD) 77 (HOF)
- C: Ball Handle 49 (GOLD) 66 (HOF)
Tight Handles- PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 72 (GOLD) 92 (HOF)
- PF: Ball Handle 54 (GOLD) 69 (HOF)
- C: Ball Handle 51 (GOLD) 67 (HOF)
Unpluckable- PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 57 (GOLD) 73 (HOF)
- PF: Ball Handle 53 (GOLD) 67 (HOF)
- C: Ball Handle 48 (GOLD) 65 (HOF)
Stop and Go- PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 69 (GOLD) 88 (HOF)
- PF: Ball Handle 69 (GOLD)
Needle Threader- PG, SG, SF: Pass Accuracy 72 (GOLD) 92 (HOF)
- PF: Pass Accuracy 57 (GOLD) 73 (HOF)
- C: Pass Accuracy 50 (GOLD) 67 (HOF)
Floor General- PG, SG, SF: Pass Accuracy 71 (GOLD) 91 (HOF)
- PF, C: Pass Accuracy 71 (GOLD) 91 (HOF)
Bullet Passer- PG, SG, SF: Pass Accuracy 66 (GOLD) 84 (HOF)
- PF: Pass Accuracy 65 (GOLD) 83 (HOF)
- C: Pass Accuracy 64 (GOLD) 82 (HOF)
Downhill- PG, SG, SF: Speed with Ball 62 (GOLD) 80 (HOF)
- PF: Speed with Ball 55 (GOLD) 70 (HOF)
- C: Speed with Ball 47 (HOF) 65 (HOF)
Bail Out- PG, SG, SF: Pass Accuracy 65 (GOLD) 83 (HOF)
- PF: Pass Accuracy 61 (GOLD) 80 (HOF)
- C: Pass Accuracy 56 (GOLD) 76 (HOF)
Badges 2k21
Badge Upgrade Overview

Quick First Step

Quick First Step 2k21
Quick First Step Badge

The Quick First Step badge is a crucial asset in NBA 2K21 next-gen, maintaining its status as the top badge for the second consecutive year. Any build can benefit from this badge, as speed plays a vital role in NBA gameplay.

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Key Features:

  • Provides any size animation and remains highly popular.
  • Facilitates the ability to lose defenders, a primary goal for playmakers.
  • Enhances dribbling speed and control, essential for creating openings on the court.
  • Allows players to maneuver past opponents swiftly, facilitating drives to the rim or setting up open shots.

Badge Requirements:

  • SG, SF, PG: Speed with Ball 74 (Gold), 94 (Hall of Fame).
  • PF: Speed with Ball 64 (Gold), 81 (Hall of Fame).
  • C: Speed with Ball 55 (Gold).

For ball handlers seeking faster launches and more robust offense, the Quick First Step badge is indispensable. Whether you’re a playmaker, slasher, or finisher, this badge is a must-have for elevating your gameplay.


Dimer 2k21
The Dimer badge

The Dimer badge is highly esteemed in NBA 2K21 for its significant impact on catch-and-shoot situations. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

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Key Features:

  • Dimer activates during catch-and-shoot scenarios.
  • Boosts jump shot percentage, especially for average or below shooters.
  • Increases shot accuracy after receiving a pass, aiding passing-centered strategies.
  • Particularly valuable for players focusing on passing to win games.
  • Excellently complements high shoot and catch tendencies like Floppy.
  • Essential for reaching Hall of Fame status in NBA 2K21.

Badge Requirements:

  • PG, SG, SF: Pass Accuracy 70 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame).
  • PF: Pass Accuracy 67 (Gold), 85 (Hall of Fame).
  • C: Pass Accuracy 63 (Gold), 81 (Hall of Fame).

Players such as Magic Johnson, John Stockton, and Steve Nash are ideal candidates for the Dimer badge, further showcasing its value in enhancing passing effectiveness on the court.

Handles For Days

Handles For Days 2k21
Handles For Days badge

On the topic of dribbling, read our best 2K21 dribble moves guide and learn the most used ones in the game. The Handles For Days give you the necessary stamina to survive throughout the game. It is the perfect badge that takes less of an energy hit while performing dribbling moves constantly. It also allows the dribbling moves to chain together to produce combos very quickly that last for an extended period of time.

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Some notable NBA players with the Handles For Days badge include Stephen Marbury, Kyrie Irving, and Jamal Crawford. Stamina is an integral part of the game. A player’s ability to perform consistently depends on it. It is why Handles for Days has secured a spot in our list of best playmaking badges 2K21.

Handles For Days Badge Requirements

PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 64 (GOLD) 82 (HOF); PF: Ball Handle 60 (GOLD) 77 (HOF); C: Ball Handle 49 (GOLD) 66 (HOF).

Tight Handles

Tight Handles 2k21
Tight Handles badge

The Tight Handles badge is essential for improving a player’s ability to break down their defender effectively. Here’s why it’s a top choice for enhancing ball-handling skills:

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Key Features:

  • Enhances the player’s capacity to maneuver past defenders by improving ball-handling during dribble moves.
  • Activates automatically on every dribble move, increasing the likelihood of breaking down the defender with each movement.
  • Particularly beneficial for guards who rely on creating space for three-point shots.
  • Improves dribble effectiveness, making it challenging for opponents to defend against skilled ball handlers.

Badge Requirements:

  • PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 72 (Gold), 92 (Hall of Fame).
  • PF: Ball Handle 54 (Gold), 69 (Hall of Fame).
  • C: Ball Handle 51 (Gold), 67 (Hall of Fame).

Pairing the Tight Handles badge with complementary attributes like speed and acceleration, along with other badges such as Handle for Days and Stop-and-Go, can further enhance a player’s dribbling prowess on the court.


best nba2k21 Badge
Unpluckable badge

The Unpluckable badge remains crucial, ensuring ball security and minimizing turnovers during dribble moves. Here’s why it’s an essential badge for all builds:

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Key Features:

  • Reduces turnovers during dribble moves, ensuring ball security.
  • Crucial for guards and wings handling the ball outside the arc.
  • Essential for maintaining possession and offensive success.
  • Complements other dribbling badges for improved ball-handling.
  • Key for players with high ball-handling attributes like Steve Nash.

Badge Requirements:

  • PG, SG, SF: Ball Handle 57 (Gold), 73 (Hall of Fame).
  • PF: Ball Handle 53 (Gold), 67 (Hall of Fame).
  • C: Ball Handle 48 (Gold), 65 (Hall of Fame).

By equipping the Unpluckable badge, players can significantly improve their ability to maintain possession and execute effective dribble moves, contributing to offensive efficiency and success on the court.

Stop and Go

Best Playmaking Badges 2k21
Stop and Go Badge

Introducing the Stop and Go Badge, a game-changer for players seeking to enhance their agility on the court. This badge empowers users to swiftly maneuver through defenses with quick stops and starts, offering a significant advantage in gameplay. Activating the badge involves sprinting, coming to a complete stop, then accelerating again, granting a boost to movement speed and agility. 

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Key Benefits:

  • Enhances player’s ability to start and stop with the ball.
  • Facilitates quick and precise movements, essential for achieving optimal shooting positions.
  • Aids in maintaining balance during sudden stops, ensuring greater control over gameplay.
  • Focused attributes include ball handling, speed, and acceleration.

Recommended Badge Combinations:

  • Handles For Days
  • Unpluckable
  • Ankle Breaker
  • Quick First Step

Requirements for Stop And Go Badge:

  • Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF): Ball Handle 69 (Gold) / 88 (Hall of Fame).
  • Power Forward (PF): Ball Handle 69 (Gold).

Needle Threader

Best Playmaking Badges 2k21
Needle Threader

In high-pressure situations where passing through tight defensive coverage is crucial, this badge significantly increases the likelihood of successful passes finding their intended targets.

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Key Features:

  • Boosts passing ability when threading the ball through tight defensive windows.
  • Increases the probability of successful passes, even in challenging situations.
  • Essential for players who prioritize passing, regardless of their position on the court.
  • Focused attribute: Pass accuracy.

Recommended Badge Combinations:

  • Dimer
  • Lob City Passer
  • Break Starter

Requirements for Needle Threader Badge:

  • Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF): Pass Accuracy 72 (Gold) / 92 (Hall of Fame).
  • Power Forward (PF): Pass Accuracy 57 (Gold) / 73 (Hall of Fame).
  • Center (C): Pass Accuracy 50 (Gold) / 67 (Hall of Fame).

Floor General

Best Playmaking Badges 2k21
Floor General

This badge provides a substantial boost to the offensive attributes of all teammates while the player possessing it is on the floor, making it invaluable for enhancing team scoring potential.

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Key Features:

  • Boosts offensive attributes for all teammates.
  • Increases scoring efficiency, enabling players to make shots they might have otherwise missed.
  • Facilitates successful dunk attempts, even with imperfect execution.
  • Acts as a force multiplier, providing a collective offensive advantage to the entire team.

Recommended Badge Strategy:

  • Strive for Hall of Fame status to maximize its benefits for the team.
  • Prioritize improving the offensive abilities of all players rather than focusing solely on individual performance.

Requirements for Floor General Badge:

  • Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF): Pass Accuracy 71 (Gold) / 91 (Hall of Fame).
  • Power Forward (PF), Center (C): Pass Accuracy 71 (Gold) / 91 (Hall of Fame).

Bullet Passer

Best Playmaking Badges 2k21
Bullet Passer

The Bullet Passer badge is a game-changer for playmakers looking to enhance their passing game. Here’s why it’s considered a premier badge:

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Key Features:

  • Boosts pass velocity for swift and accurate passes.
  • Helps bypass defensive obstacles, lowering turnover risk.
  • Essential for improving passing execution, especially for playmakers.
  • Hall of Fame upgrades offer significant passing skill enhancements.

Recommended Badge Strategy:

  • Aim to upgrade Bullet Passer to Hall of Fame level to maximize its impact on gameplay.
  • Utilize increased pass velocity to distribute the ball quickly to open teammates or execute precise plays, especially under pressure situations.

Badge Requirements:

  • Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF): Pass Accuracy 66 (Gold) / 84 (Hall of Fame).
  • Power Forward (PF): Pass Accuracy 65 (Gold) / 83 (Hall of Fame).
  • Center (C): Pass Accuracy 64 (Gold) / 82 (Hall of Fame).


Best Playmaking Badges 2k21

If you use the fastbreak frequently, you should amp up your stats in the downhill badge. Point guards in the NBA can take up a few seconds to size up the Defense.

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During the transition, the downhill badge increases speed. It enables the players to get ahead of defenders, which can occur in normal circumstances. It will allow the slashers to get past their defenders with the ball as quickly as possible. The speedy guards can use the Downhill badge for transition.

If you mix the Downhill badge with the best dribble moves, your player’s speed attributes will increase so drastically that it would be hard for the defenders to stop you from scoring points.

Downhill Badge Requirements

PG, SG, SF: Speed with Ball 62 (GOLD) 80 (HOF); PF: Speed with Ball 55 (GOLD) 70 (HOF); C: Speed with Ball 47 (HOF) 65 (HOF)

Bail Out

Best Playmaking Badges 2k21
Bail Out badge

The Bail Out badge is a valuable addition to playmaking strategies. Here’s why it’s regarded as one of the best playmaking badges:

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Key Features:

  • Activated during mid-air layups or jump shots when passing out.
  • Improves accuracy of passes in such situations.
  • Useful for any build to avoid turnovers and create open shots.
  • Hall of Fame status enhances accuracy, especially important for countering defenders.

Recommended Badge Strategy:

  • Combine Bail Out with other complementary badges such as Dimer and Needle Threader for enhanced playmaking effectiveness.
  • Focus on improving pass accuracy attributes to meet badge requirements and maximize its benefits.

Badge Requirements:

  • Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF): Pass Accuracy 65 (Gold) / 83 (Hall of Fame).
  • Power Forward (PF): Pass Accuracy 61 (Gold) / 80 (Hall of Fame).
  • Center (C): Pass Accuracy 56 (Gold) / 76 (Hall of Fame).


This has been eXputer’s guide on the best playmaking badges 2k21 has in its vast arsenal. We hope you found something that will aid you in future matches. It is essential to know that these badges include all-rounders and others catered to specific playstyles, so see what works for you, and good luck!

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