Best NBA 2K21 Builds: Complete Builds Breakdown

NBA 2K21 player builds that will help you elevate your game out of the stratosphere

2K21 is back this year with another great upgrade over its predecessor, and that means that it’s time for us at Exputer to give you an in-depth guideline to the best builds you can create right now in order to dominate the at the Park, the Neighborhood or the Pro-Am.

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From a playmaking shot-creator to a slasher and even a glass-cleaning center, here are the best NBA 2K21 builds.

Key Takeaways
  • Each build in NBA 2k21 is unique and excels in different kinds of niches in the NBA world.
  • These builds are for players looking for new build ideas that will help them in their gameplay. 
  • Each of these builds serves a different purpose and has its own unique attributes, such as position, skills, physical profile, body parameters, badges, etc.
  • The four best NBA 2k21 builds are as follows:
    • Playmaking Shot Creator: Similar to players like Steph Curry.
    • Slashing Guard: Similar to players like Jordan or Kobe Bryant.
    • Glass Cleaning Finisher: Similar to players like the Greek Freak.
    • Lockdown Defender: Similar to players like Jrue Holiday.

Best NBA 2K21 Builds

Builds are a special feature of the 2K franchise, allowing anyone to develop a completely personalized avatar. This tweakable character is based on four major skills. These are Finishing color-coded blue, Shooting represented by green, Playmaking highlighted in yellow, and Def/Reb in red.

The challenge of creating a build arises from picking the right blend of these skills for your player. So, if this is a struggle for you in NBA 2K21, we are here to run down the best builds available.

Complete build stats: 

Build NamePositionSkillsPhysical ProfileAttribute Upgrade DistributionBody ParametersBadges
Playmaking Shot CreatorPoint Guard-Shooting
Focus on:
- Speed
- Acceleration
- Shooting: Maxed Out
- Playmaking: Maxed Out
- Mid Range Shot: 85 - 90
- 3 Point Shot: 85 - 90
- Free Throw: 85 - 90
- Pass Accuracy: 85 - 90
- Body Shape: Your own choice
- Height: 6’2″ to 6’5″
- Wingspan: Reduce as much
as you can
20 Badges for both
playmaking and shooting
Slashing GuardPoint Guard-FinishingFocus on:
- Speed
- Acceleration
- Finishing: Maxed Out
- Close Shot: 80 - 85
- Driving Layups: 80 - 85
- Driving Dunks: 80 - 85
- Potential: 85
- Body Shape: Your own choice
- Height: 6’3" - 6’5″
- Weight: 175 lb
- Wingspan: 85"
Finishing: 18 badges
Shooting: 15 badges
Playmaking: 15 badges
Glass Cleaning FinisherPower Forward-Finishing
Focus on:
- Verticle
- Agility
- All Defensive Stats: High 80s
- Finishing: 80+
- Body Shape: Burly
- Height: 6’8″ to 6’10”
- Weight: 190 - 196 lbs
- Wingspan: Maxed Out
Finishing: 15 badges
Defense/Rebound: All the rest
Lockdown DefenderPoint Guard-Shooting
Focus On:
- Agility
- Verticle
- Steals: 85+
- Lateral Quickness: 85+
- Perimeter Defense: 85+
- Shooting Stats: 80
- Height: 6’5″ or 6’6″
- Weight: 187 lb to 190 lb
- Wingspan: Maxed Out
Defense/Shooting: 20 badges
Playmaking: 10 badges

Playmaking Shot Creator

Best 2K21 Builds
Playmaking Shot Creator

If you like watching Chef Curry cook players on the court, then jump on this versatile build and start sinking shots right into your opponent’s face. This build boasts the best speed and acceleration which allows you to get open with minimal effort. Let’s now dive into how to create one of these absolute beasts.

When creating a build, the first screen you are presented with is a simple form where you would have to fill out your player name, number and specify his dominant hand. All of these are purely individual preference-based and hold no actual influence over your player’s performance. The position, however, is of importance and for this build, point guard fits the best.

Skill Breakdown

  • Selection: Opt for a pie chart with a strong emphasis on shooting and playmaking to align with the build’s focus.
  • Badges: Aim to achieve Hall of Fame playmaking and shooting badges.
Best 2K21 Builds
Skill Breakdown for Playmaking Shot Creator

Physical Profile

  • Attributes: Focus on agility and strength, prioritizing speed and acceleration to enhance movement and separation on the court.
Best 2K21 Builds
Physical profile for Playmaking Shot Creator

Attribute Upgrade Distribution

  • Allocation: Use your 409 attribute upgrades to maximize shooting and playmaking abilities, with scores between 85-90 for mid-range shots, 3-point shots, free throws, pass accuracy, and ball handling.
  • Customization: Distribute remaining points based on your preferred play style.
Best 2K21 Builds
Attribute Upgrades
Best 2K21 Builds
Example of attribute distribution

Body Parameters

  • Body Shape: Choose any body shape; it does not impact performance.
  • Height and Weight: Opt for a height between 6’2″ to 6’5″ and keep the weight minimal for optimal speed and acceleration.
  • Wingspan: Decrease wingspan to boost shooting abilities.

6. Specialization:

  • Takeover Badge: Select the Spot Up Shooter takeover badge to finalize your Playmaking Shot Creator build.

Slashing Guard

Best 2K21 Builds
Best build resembling Kobe

A slasher is essentially a guard that closely resembles the game of Jordan or Kobe. This build will have an overall better finishing than the previous one and will allow you to wreck your opponents in transition through layups and dunks. This one is without a doubt one of the best nba 2K21 builds out there.

Skill Breakdown & Physical Profile

  • Finishing: Emphasize finishing skills to enable powerful dunks and strong layups.
  • Physical Profile: Opt for agility-focused attributes, prioritizing speed and acceleration to outmaneuver defenders.
Best 2K21 Builds
Skill distribution for a slasher

Attribute Upgrade Distribution

  • Primary Focus: Allocate attributes to max out close shots, driving layups, and driving dunks between 80-85.
  • Shooting: Upgrade post fadeaways to enhance shooting, reflecting iconic moves of basketball legends.
  • Playmaking: Boost ball handling to around 85, essential for a slasher’s effectiveness.
  • Additional Attributes: Consider improving midrange shots, pass accuracy, and steals for a well-rounded build.
  • Badge Goals: Aim for approximately 18 finishing badges, 15 shooting badges, and 15 playmaking badges.
Best 2K21 Builds
Attribute upgrade example for a slasher

Body Parameters 

  • Body Shape: Choose any, as it doesn’t impact performance.
  • Height: Optimal height is between 6’3″ and 6’5″, with 6’4″ being ideal to mimic basketball greats.
  • Weight: Set at about 175 lbs to balance mobility and physicality.
  • Wingspan: Around 85″ to maximize reach and effectiveness in both offense and defense.

5. Specialization:

  • Takeover Badge: Select either the slasher or spot-up shooter takeover badge to finalize your build.

Glass Cleaning Finisher

Best 2K21 Builds
Glass cleaning finisher

We all witnessed that legendary block that The Greek Freak pulled off in this year’s playoff finals, keeping that in mind wouldn’t you just love to humiliate your opposition in the park with something just as good. If that is the case, this is the build for you.

Skill Breakdown

  • Primary Focus: Opt for a build that prioritizes defensive capabilities to achieve a dominant presence on the court.
Best 2K21 Builds
Skill breakdown for a glass cleaning finisher

Physical Profile

  • Attributes: Unlike typical builds that focus on strength, opt for a profile dominated by vertical and agility to enhance versatility.
Best 2K21 Builds
Glass cleaning finisher physical profile

Attribute Upgrade Distribution

  • Defensive Stats: Increase all defensive attributes to the high 80s.
  • Finishing: Maintain finishing as a secondary focus, adjusting attribute points accordingly based on your selected pie chart.
  • Badge Distribution: Concentrate the majority of your badges in defense/rebounding, with around 15 in finishing.
Best 2K21 Builds
Example of attribute upgrade distribution for glass cleaning finisher

Body Parameters

  • Body Shape: Select ‘Burly’ to match the physical demands of a C/PF.
  • Height: Choose between 6’8″ to 6’10”, depending on your playstyle preference.
  • Weight: Set weight at 190 lbs for a 6’8″ build, 198 lbs for a 6’10” build, or approximately 195 lbs for heights in between.
  • Wingspan: Maximize wingspan to optimize defensive and rebounding capabilities.

6. Specialization:

  • Takeover Badge: Equip the glass cleaner takeover badge to finalize your build, emulating the defensive prowess similar to that of a legendary player.

Lockdown Defender

Best 2K21 Builds
Lockdown defender

These builds aren’t flashy like the rest can be, but lockdown defenders such as Jrue Holiday can most of the time be instrumental especially if you are playing Pro Am. These defenders are usually extremely effective in games and could be considered one of the best defensive builds in 2K21.

Skill Breakdown

  • Focus: Prioritize perimeter defense and shooting to create a versatile defensive guard.
Best 2K21 Builds
Skill Breakdown for a lockdown defender

Physical Profile

  • Attributes: Emphasize agility for lateral mobility and vertical for shot blocking and steals.
Best 2K21 Builds
Physical profile for Lockdown defender

Attribute Upgrade Distribution

  • Defense: Max out perimeter defense, lateral quickness, and steals to 85+.
  • Shooting: Aim for shooting stats around 80 to ensure open jumpers.
  • Playmaking: Include some upgrades for ball handling.
  • Badge Distribution: Target around 20 badges each for defense and shooting, and 10 for playmaking.
Best 2K21 Builds
Example for attribute upgrade distribution for a lockdown defender

Body Parameters

  • Height: Choose between 6’5″ and 6’6″ for effective shot blocking and tracking defenders.
  • Weight: Set weight between 187 lbs and 190 lbs for a balance of quickness and strength.
  • Wingspan: Maximize wingspan to enhance steals and blocks.

6. Specialization:

  • Takeover Badge: Equip the lockdown takeover badge to finalize your build, boosting defensive capabilities on the perimeter.

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