Best Jumpshots In NBA 2k22 [Boosts & Badges]

Learn about the Best jumpshots in NBA 2k22 for all sorts of builds!

NBA 2k22 has become so infinite in features and skill requirements that it has become hard to play efficiently without guidance. I am bringing here the guide to navigating the jumpshots in NBA 2k22.

Key Takeaways
  • The Jump Shot creator basics that players should need to know are as follows:
    • Lower/Base: Determines the angle at which the player shoots the ball.
    • Upper Release 1: Determines the ball release trajectory and the follow-through after the ball release.
    • Upper Release 2: Used to combine release animations of the shot.
    • Animation Blending:  Determine the speed of the ball’s release. 
  • Here is an ideal setup for one of the best jump shots. 
    • Vibration: ON, Shot Meter: OFF, Shot Feedback: ALL SHOTS, Pro Stick Orientation: ABSOLUTE, Double Team Reaction: MANUEL, Players Icon: ON, Skip Pass: ENABLED, and Pro Stick Functions: DRIBBLE MOVES
  • Sniper, Hot Zone Hunter, and Corner Specialist are some of the most useful Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22 that can further help players.

Jumpshot Creator 2k22

Lower/BaseThis determines the angle at which your player will shoot when jumping.
Upper Release 1This shows how the ball will be released and its direction.
Upper Release 2This is used to combine the release animation of a shot.
Animation BlendingThis can change the speed of the ball’s release.

Before you make the jump shot that suits you the most, you should know some jump shot creator basics. Make sure you always use good shooters. Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Ray Allen are good options.

But not every animation might suit the player archetype and your play style. You must adjust the release speed according to your player’s build. You should know some jump shot creator basics before you build one for your player.


This will determine the angle at which your player will shoot the ball when jumping. It also sets the player’s height, pre-jump motion, and the direction he jumps.

Upper Release 1

This will determine how the ball would be released from the hand and its direction. It will also cover the follow-through after the ball is released.

Upper Release 2

Through this, you can combine release animations of the shot. There would be no blending if you have the same upper release, 1 and 2.

Animation Blending 

Using this, you can change the speed of the ball’s release during the shot. It will also determine how much the style of your upper release will be incorporated in the final animation.

Best Jumpshots In NBA 2k22

Here’s a quick preview of all of the builds for the Best Jumpshots in NBA 2K22:

Build nameLower BaseUpper Release 1Upper Release 2BlendRelease Speed
Most Suitable BuildJump Shot 98Rudy GayRudy GayNo BlendZero
Easy Green ShotsJump shot 53Release 58Release 13850 for Release 58, and 50 for Release 13850%
Quick ReleaseDwyane WadeRudy GayRelease 14660 for Rudy Gay and 40 for Release 146Maximum
Taller BuildDante ExumRudy GayRudy GayNo Blend4/4
Fastest JumpshotSet Shot 25Rudy GayKobe Bryant60 for Rudy Gay and 40 for Kobe Bryant3/4
Allround JumpshotStephen CurryRelease 146Rudy GayNoneNone
Greater BaseJump shot 3Rudy GayRudy GayRudy Gay 50 / Rudy Gay 503/4
Most consistentJump shot 98Release 26Kobe Bryant50 for Release 28 and 50 for Kobe Bryant4/4
Green WindowJump Shot 25Stephen CurryStephen CurryNone4/4

Let’s discuss the most important part of this guide in which. I will mention the names and details of some of the best jump shots in NBA 2k22.

Jumpshot For Every Build

best jumpshot for NBA
This jumpshot is great for every build!

This jump shot is suitable for any build. Following is the breakdown for it.

  • Lower base = Jump Shot 98
  • Upper release 1 = Rudy Gay
  • Upper release 2 = Rudy Gay
  • Blend = No blending
  • Release Speed = zero

Jump Shot 98 is undoubtedly one of the best lower bases throughout every iteration of NBA 2K. This is because it works amazing with low as well as high jump shots and every position you’re character is in. This particular jump shot is suitable for any player archetype. Rudy Gay, as the upper release, is the most ideal option for the jump shot 98.

The animation is very easy for any player to master, even if you’re a beginner. You can also make a quick stop with it. While Rudy Gay as an upper release 2 is a good option, you can also choose Kobe Bryant or LaMarcus Aldridge as their animations are amazing.

Jumpshot For Easy Green Shots

best NBA moves
This jumpshot will help you score the Green Shots more easily

This is the best jump shot for you if you are looking to score easy green shots. Following is the breakdown for it.

  • Lower base = Jump Shot 53
  • Upper release 1 = Release 58
  • Upper release 2 = Release 138
  • Blend = 50 for Release 58 and 50 for Release 138
  • Release Speed = 50%

If you want to hit the shot meter accurately, you can use this jump shot.

While the resulting jump shot might not look good visually, as these sequences can create glitches in animations, this will help you choose the perfect time to release the ball. So, the glitches while animation will actually help you out.

Jumpshot For Quick Release

NBA 2k22 quick jumpshot
This is the best jumpshot for quick-paced players

This jump shot is for the players who prefer quick release. The breakdown for it is as follows.

  • Lower base = Dwyane Wade
  • Upper release 1 = Rudy Gay
  • Upper release 2 = Release 146
  • Blend = 60 for Rudy Gay and 40 for Release 146
  • Release Speed = maximum

For a quick release, you can try out several combinations, but only a few would look good with your build. You will hardly be blocked by the opponents or have your shot percentage penalized when defenders try to close in on you if you manage to make the perfect jump shot for quick release.

We kept Dwayne Wade as a lower base because his jump shot animation is the fastest for quick release. With Rudy Gay and Release 146 as your upper releases 1 and 2 and animation blending of 60 by 40, you can execute a quick release with a low jump.

Jumpshot For Taller Build

Jumpshot for bigger height
Jumpshot for Taller Build
  • Base = Dante Exum
  • Release 1 = Rudy Gay
  • Release 2 = Rudy Gay
  • Release Speed = 4/4

This is possibly the best jumpshot in NBA 2k22 for the tallest players, especially 6.4 feet plus, and not recommended for under 6.4 feet, but in NBA, many players are 6.4 feet tall or more than that, so this shot is really special.

The only minus point of this shot is that it is slower, so the player has to use its 100 percent release speed. This jump shot is also ideal for someone who catches the bowl and shoots it immediately. Having a decent green window, this jump shot is highly valuable.

Fastest Jumpshot

Quickest Jumpshot
Fastest Jumpshot NBA 2k22
  • Base = Set Shot 25
  • Release One = Rudy Gay 60%
  • Release Two = Kobe Bryant 40%
  • Release Speed =3/4

This is a faster jumpshot than any other one only bad thing about this jumpshot is its poor base. Still, this jumpshot is one of the best in NBA 2k22. If you prefer something quickest, then go for it. The function of the base is to control the timing of the jumpshot.        

Allround Jumpshot

Jumpshot for Allround performance
Allround Jumpshot
  • Base =Stephen Curry
  • Release 1= Release 146
  • Release 2= Rudy Gay

This Jumpshot is for players of average height and descent position outside of the dugout. That’s why I think this is the kind of shot a player with balance characteristics uses. Every player is different; not everyone is tall, strong, and weak, so this jump shot is suitable for average build-up. If you don’t have a specific build, this Best Jumpshots in NBA 2k22 is the way to go!

Jumpshot For Greater Base

Jump shot for Base
Best Jump Shot for Base
  • BASE= Jump shot 3
  • Release 1= Rudy Gay
  • Release 2 = Rudy Gay
  • Release Speed= 4/4
  • Animation Blending = Rudy Gay 50 /Rudy Gay 50

Most of the jump shots in this game have weak points; some are slow, and others can have a poor base. This jump shot has decent speed and base, making it exceptional. Additionally, it is suitable for every build and every generation, so everybody can use it without having a second thought.

If you have been playing NBA for some time, you already know the importance of bass in playing the Jumpshot, and this jump shot has a unique bass. So, in a nutshell, it is hard to ignore this jumpshot.

Most Consistent Jumpshot

one of best jumpshot
Consistent Jumpshot
  • Base =Jump Shot 98
  • Release 1= Release 26
  • Release 2= Kobe Bryant
  • Release Speed = 4/4
  • Animation Blending = Release 28 50% /Kobe Bryant 50%

This jump shot is on the favorite list of many players; they have been playing it for a long time and are giving it preference over the new one. It is decently fast, if not fastest, and can be played by every build but is preferred for poppers and stretch big builds.

Jumpshot For Green Window

JumpShot for Green Window
  • Base= Jump Shot 25
  • Release 1= Stephen Curry
  • Release 2= Stephen Curry
  • Release Speed= 4/4

While most of the best jump shots offer a green window, this jump shot is designed to give the perfect green window.

This is a very unorthodox type of Jumpshot because its bending ratio is very low compared to the release speed. Its release of two percent is zero, which is very uncommon.

Ideal Setting For Best Jumpshot In NBA 2k22

SettingWhat to set it to
Shot MeterOff
Shot FeedbackAll Shots
Pro Stick OrientationAbsolute
Double Team ReactionManual
Player IconOn
Skip PassEnabled
Pro Stick FunctionDribble Moves

The first thing to do is to change the setting from default to your own choice. Following is the setting to apply for playing the jumpshots.

Vibration – On

Settings=Vibration On
Vibration On

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Turning on the vibrator is key to playing the best jump shot. Many people play better with that. It alerts about some features of gameplay and makes the experience of Jumpshots more realistic.

Shot Meter – Off

Setting Shot meter Off
Shot Meter Off

Setting the shot meter off has both pros and cons, but the benefits are greater. A shot meter is helpful for a beginner if it is on, while keeping it off gives a green window, making your jump shots exceptional.

This is 2k22; most of you have already played this game, so the professional way of playing is to turn the shot meter off and make the best jumpshot using your instincts and experience. Players started preferring to turn the shot meter off since 2k20.

Shot Feedback – All Shots

Setting Shot feedback= all shots
All Shots

In the feedback, the option to choose all shots. So, a player can utilize different types of jumpshots and pick the best jump shots in 2k22.

Other Settings

  • Pro Stick Orientation – Absolute
  • Double Team Reaction – Manuel
  • Player Icons – On
  • Skip Pass – Enabled
  • Pro Stick Function – Dribble moves

Applying these settings allows you to play some of the best jumpshots in NBA 2k22.

Schemes & Tips For Best Jumpshot In NBA 2k22

There are multiple resources to make the jumpshot in NBA 2k22 possible, such as jumpshot Boosters, Badges, and court practice.

Best Shooting Badges

SniperIt exaggerates the impact of good and poor shot timing.
Hot Zone HunterIncreases the ratio of jumpshot in favor of the player.
Corner SpecialistGives you a bonus when you take a jumpshot from the corner.

This game has multiple features to upgrade the factors involved in our attempt at a successful jumpshot. Among them are badges that provide guidance and play an important role in making the best jump shot.


One of best Badge Sniper

When you point at this badge, it’s defined as Exaggerating the impact of good and poor shot timing. It also helps judge the shot and choose a color, such as green, for the maximum result, so it is on my number one list of jump shots badges.

Hot Zone Hunter

Badge Hot Zone Hunter
Hot Zone Hunter

What makes Hot Zone Hunter a good badge is its ability to increase the ratio of jumpshots in favor of a player when he attempts the jumpshot in favorite spots.

Corner Specialist

Badge Corner Specialist
Corner Specialist

Well, you can get an idea about this badge from the name. This badge is like a bonus when you go for a jumpshot from a corner position.

Skills For Jumpshot In NBA 2k22

Different skills are required to make the best jump shot related to how the player plays. How we practice those playing skills determines the success of our jump shot chances. NBA/Basketball is a really beautiful game. It is not just running, jumping, and throwing the ball; rather, at what speed we are running and releasing the ball, our distance position, and bending are equally important.

One of the best things about this game is that you can customize everything you like from base to releasing point, and each skill is suitable for a different generation.

There is a required build for every jump shot. Every build has different points, increasing our ability and enabling us to utilize different jump shots; therefore, players with less build can’t play every Jumpshot.

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