NBA 2K21

The sports genre in gaming is one of the most popular genres out there. With games like FIFA, WWE, UFC, Madden, and much more, there’s always a certain hype for the latest releases. But unlike the rest, NBA tends to bring out the most intricate games each year, with improved physics, mechanics, and much more with each new edition. Not only that, but NBA has the license to a countless number of teams and has the most authentic representation of the teams and their players each year. With many complex systems to explore, you can scale up your skill level immensely as you play and practice in the game. But the thing is, even the greatest players need some sort of help. That’s where eXputer has your back with the best guides, error fixes, tier lists, and settings. Whether it is creating strong builds, practicing dribbling techniques, or simply trying to acquire unlockable items, we’ve got you covered!