Best Jumpshot In 2k21: All Jumpshots Ranked NBA 2k21

A complete guide to making your jumpshot wet like water

NBA 2K21 dropped almost a year ago, and after a multitude of patches and updates, we at eXputer bring to you an updated guide to upgrading your jump shot to the absolute best version possible. From settings to build and more, this guide will take you through the process of developing the best 2K21 jump shot for you.

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What is a Jump Shot in NBA 2k21?

A jump shot in NBA refers to the action of a player attempting to score a point by leaping straight into the air directly. While performing this action, the elbow of his main hand or shooting hand is cocked and the ball in his hand is above his head. The ball is lanced by the player in a high arc aiming for the basket.

Best Jumpshot In 2k21: All Jumpshots Ranked NBA 2k21
Jump Shot Creator in NBA

This is one of the most important moves in the whole of basketball and, ultimately NBA. This shot is a crucial part of the game as it will give you leverage over the defender. This shot also gives you a better look at the hoop, and you will be able to put in more strength on a shot. Also, take a look at the best defensive badges in NBA to help you find the best badges for your jump shot.

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K21 

The NBA 2K21 has a custom jump shot creator that presents its players with a ton of options. While you can create your own custom jump shot, it is important that you make the jump shot after careful consideration. The reason for this is that it will ultimately affect your team’s performance and your victory as well. While you’re at it, check out our NBA 2K21: Best Finishing Badges To Get as well.

To access the Jump shot creator in the NBA, you must go to the Neighborhood first. Once you are in the Neighborhood, select the MyPlayer Appearance Tab. Now you can customize your own jump shot according to your necessities. Also, unlike the NBA 2k20, which required you to complete certain tasks at the Team Practice Facility in order to unlock the jump shot creator, you can create a jump shot easily without such requirements in NBA 2K21.

All information on the Best Jumpshots: 

Jumpshot NumberBaseRelease 1Release 2Release SpeedAnimation Blending
1.0Dwayne WadeRelease 13Release 4575%50/50
2.0Dwayne WadeTrae YoungRelease 70100%40/60
3.0Jump Shot 98Vince CarterVince Carter100%60/40
4.0Jump Shot 98Rudy GayRudy Gay100%40/60
5.0Jump Shot 47Rudy GayKobe Bryant100%70/30
6.0Steph CurryRudy GayTony Parker75%70/30
7.0Zach RandolphRudy GayRudy GayNoneNone

Jump shot 1

This is the first jump shot on our list and is definitely one of the best ones. See the breakdown for this jump shot below.


This jump shot uses Dwayne Wade as a base. He is one of the strongest players in the game that has a great jump shot ability. As many NBA fans, he is our favorite too.

Release 1

Release 1 for this jump shot will be Release 13

Release 2

The Release 2 for this jump shot will be Release 45

Release Speed

This jump shot must be executed at the speed of ¾.

Animation Blending

Animation blending for this jump shot should be 50 by 50.

This jump shot has made the top of our list because you can execute it with a distance too. Even if you’re trying this jump shot with a solid three-point range, you will have no problem executing it. In this way, you will be able to perform moves other than just slam dunks.

Because of the release speed for this jump shot, you might feel it taking longer than the rest of the players doing the jump shot. But with a good strategy and team coordination, this jump shot can help you win any match you take on.

Jumpshot 2

The second jump shot might be a bit more difficult to execute than the first one. Nonetheless, it is worth it if you want to do a jump shot while running. The breakdown of this jump shot is down below.


The second jump shot uses the same base as the first one, that is Dwayne Wade.

Release 1

For release 1 of this jump shot, we will use Trae Young.

Release 2

Release 2 for this jump shot will be release 70.

Release speed

Since this is a tricky jump shot that would be executed while running, the release speed for it should be kept maximum.

Animation Blending

We will keep the animation blending 40/60 for this jump shot.

You will need a lot of practice to pull off this jump shot. The green area would be a lot smaller, making this jump shot far more difficult than the first one in our list of Best Jumpshot in NBA 2K21. But once you have mastered the technique and timing, you can perform this jump shot while you are sizing up your opponent team or running away to score.

The speed of release and the execution of this shot is very crucial here. When you have an open window for this shot, you need to buckle up and run for it. While you rub to the perimeter and do this jump shot, don’t waste your time regaining the balance.

Jump shot 3

This jump shot features Vince Carter on both of its releases. The breakdown for this jump shot is the following.


We will use Jump shot 98 as a base here.

Release 1

Vince Carter will be used as our release 1

Release 2

We will use Vince Carter as our Release 2 as well.

Release Speed

Release speed for this jump shot would be kept maximum.

Animation Blending 

For this jump shot, we will keep the animation blending 60 by 40.

The reason we used Vince Carter as both our releases is to perform a catch and release shot. Vince Carter is so good at this that after catching the ball, it would be released up in the air so quickly that you might feel some frames dropped in the game.

This is a very good move to practice especially if you are in MyCareer mode. Make sure you use the right build for this move as a two-guard. While you are in the park, it will require some teamwork and coordination, but once you’ve mastered this move, you will be second to none.

Jump shot

This jump shot features Rudy Gay as both the releases. The breakdown for it is as follows.


For this move, we will use Jump Shot 98

Release 1

The release 1, here would be Rudy Gay

Release 2

We will use Rudy Gay for Release 2 as well.

Release Speed

The release speed should be kept maximum.

Animation Blending

Animation Blending for this one will be 40 by 60.

The height of players has a major role when serving as a base in the jump shot. A tall player cannot be used as a base set for players like Dwayne Wade. But this particular jump shot has been designed specifically for tall centers. So if you are looking to incorporate a tall base for your jump shot move, these jump shot settings are the best.


This jump shot features Kobe Bryant who is a great defender and a fierce player. The breakdown for this jump shot is below 


For the base use, jump shot 47.

Release 1

Release 1 will be set to Rudy Gay

Release 2

For release 2 we will use Kobe Bryant 

Animation Blending 

For animation, blending keep Rudy Gay at 70% and Kobe Bryant at 30%.

Release Speed 

Release speed should be kept at 100% for this jump shot.

This jump shot is very diverse and you don’t need to be a professional 2K player to execute it. You can master this move with just a few practices. Even though this is one of the easiest jump shots to execute in our list of best jump shots in NBA 2k21, the animation can be quite difficult to stop.

But this does not change the fact that this jump shot holds a great value. The major reason why this jump shot is so effective is due to its release point being so easy to spot. Also, the quick release it offers can help you get off your not-so-good shots.

Jump shot

This is the best jump shot for spot-up wings. The breakdown for this shot is as follows.


For this jump shot, we will use Steph Curry as a base. 

Release 1

For release 1 we will use Rudy Gay.

Release 2

We will use Tony Parker as our release 2.

Animation Blending 

For animation, blending keep Rudy Gay at 70% and Tony Parker at 30%.

Release Timing

The release timing for this specific jump shot is to be kept at 75%.

Spot-up wing players would have the most benefit from this jump shot. With this combination, you will have a unique blend of qualities that will certainly help you get to that goal. The animation is far easier to release for this one because of a consistent release point.

This also makes it a lot more challenging for the animation to stop. A great plus point of this combination is that Steph Curry has the highest percentage of shots made in the whole NBA, so this will definitely help you land that clean, block-free jump shot.


This jump shot focuses entirely on the big players in NBA. The breakdown for this jump shot is;


We will use Zach Randolph as a base for this jump shot.

Release 1

The Release 1 for this jump shot will be Rudy Gay

Release 2

We will use Rudy Gay as our release 2 as well.

Animation Blending 


This jump shot is curated specifically for the big and tall players in NBA 2K21. The combination of Randolph and Rudy Gay can be lethal for the opponent team as it is easy to execute and has a high release point so you can manage to overtop the tall defenders of the rival team. 

This move will also help you maintain your balance in the game and help you land effective strokes when you find yourself in shooting scenarios that put you in the spot. We have also curated the best jump shots for NBA 2k22, so check that out as well.

Jumpshot Settings In 2k21

Like most of its predecessors, NBA 2K21 offers plenty of setting customizations to elevate your jumpshot to a new level. 

The important settings options to note are listed below:

Shot Feedback-Off

This one has been an ongoing debate since the beginning of the year as it was considered by most that turning shot feedback off gives you a boost for that green shot. This, unfortunately, wasn’t the case upon the game’s release but following the updates that have been introduced throughout the year, employing this setting does give you a boost for a better jumpshot.


While this one is more of a preference, playing with vibration on does help you tremendously on defense. Granted that it isn’t precisely a jumpshot related customization but it does yield some pretty effective results.

Shot Meter-Off

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Settings for the best jumpshot in 2K21

It’s common knowledge at this point that turning off the shot meter gives a massive boost to green with your 2K21 jumpshot. However, for most beginners, it is anti-intuitive to get rid of the only setting showing you the accuracy of your jumpshot. While this is the case, trust the voice of experience and turn it off because this small tweak will have you splashing greens and screaming “Kobe” on almost every attempt.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Vibration and other settings

Other Settings

  • Shot aiming – Lay Ups and Shots
  • Pro Stick Function – Default
  • Pro Stick Orientation – Absolute
  • Off-Ball Offense Mode – Absolute

With this setup, you should have the settings good to go and can jump into practicing with your new NBA 2K21 jumpshot.

Pick Your Boosts

Jumpshot Boost

Jump shot boost is imperative to achieving the best 2K21 jumpshot. A quite simple fact that if your opponent is using the jump boost and you aren’t, they will shoot better than you. No matter how good or advanced your game is playing without jumpshot boost is simply going to make your game weaker.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Buy Jumpshot boost from the boost stand


Gatorade is an amazing boost that you can purchase especially if you have one of those shifty guard builds. It adds stamina to your build, which enables you to play games longer at your peak performance. However, Gatorade is expensive so if you do not want to waste your VC, just hit the gym. 

Going to the Gatorade facility and going through a workout gives you an extra stamina bar for roughly a week in real-time. It also boosts your physical attributes which allow your player to perform at a higher level.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Stay hydrated with Gatorade or keep your energy high with energy chews


Going into the Park and hopping into a game is always fun, but trying out your shot in a game isn’t effective. Taking shots in My Court will help you evolve your jumpshot, and make it better all around.

A very important thing to note when you are practicing the jumpshot in My Court is not to go to the shootaround drill. It is ineffective as you will start missing shots that are supposed to go in, and this will give you a wrong impression about your build’s shooting ability. Instead, jump on the ball machine drill, and hit your shots the same way you would practice IRL. 

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Best drill for achieving the best jumpshot in 2K21

Best Badges For Jumpshot In 2k21

Range Extender

The Range Extender is absolutely crucial for the best jumpshot in 2K21. This badge offers a massive percentage boost for deep 3s to up to 13% in 3PTs made.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Hall of Fame Range Extender

Hot Zone

This badge is a necessity in order to dominate with your jumpshot in 2K21. While finding and using your hot zones is already quite advantageous, equipping this badge will give anywhere between a 6% to a 10% boost on green shots.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Hall of Fame Hot Zone Hunter

Green Machine

The Green Machine is the final badge that we recommend to be equipped. Green machine offers an enormous boost to your green shot after consecutively making 2 green shots. with the likely hood of a consecutive green going to almost 45% when timed correctly on a green shot.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Hall of Fame Green Machine

Depending on your build, you may also want to add Dead Eye, Catch and shoot or flexible release.

Jumpshot Custom

This is probably the best jumpshot custom achieved through a huge amount of trial and error testing. A base of Dante Exum, release 1 Rudy Gay, and release 2 Kobe Bryant. Release speed on this should be 3/4 and animation blending of 50/50. Truly the best jumpshot in 2K21 for iso builds.

For other builds, the base is the aspect that influences your jumpshot the most, while releases 1 and 2 are purely aesthetic and are handy in helping you time your jumpshot.

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The top 5 bases as tested and presented by NBA2KLAB.COM are as follows

For rating of 60-84

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Screenshots taken from NBA2kLAB

For ratings of 85+

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Screenshots taken from NBA2kLAB
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