Best Jumpshot In 2k21: All Jumpshots Ranked NBA 2k21

A complete guide to making your jumpshot wet like water

NBA 2K21 dropped almost a year ago, and after a multitude of patches and updates, we at eXputer bring to you an updated guide to upgrading your jumpshot to the absolute best version possible. From settings to build and more, this guide will take you through the process of developing the best 2K21 jumpshot for you.

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Jumpshot Settings In 2k21

Like most of its predecessors, NBA 2K21 offers plenty of setting customizations to elevate your jumpshot to a new level. 

The important settings options to note are listed below:

Shot Feedback-Off

This one has been an ongoing debate since the beginning of the year as it was considered by most that turning shot feedback off gives you a boost for that green shot. This, unfortunately, wasn’t the case upon the game’s release but following the updates that have been introduced throughout the year, employing this setting does give you a boost for a better jumpshot.


While this one is more of a preference, playing with vibration on does help you tremendously on defense. Granted that it isn’t precisely a jumpshot related customization but it does yield some pretty effective results.

Shot Meter-Off

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Settings for the best jumpshot in 2K21

It’s common knowledge at this point that turning off the shot meter gives a massive boost to green with your 2K21 jumpshot. However, for most beginners, it is anti-intuitive to get rid of the only setting showing you the accuracy of your jumpshot. While this is the case, trust the voice of experience and turn it off because this small tweak will have you splashing greens and screaming “Kobe” on almost every attempt.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Vibration and other settings

Other Settings

  • Shot aiming – Lay Ups and Shots
  • Pro Stick Function – Default
  • Pro Stick Orientation – Absolute
  • Off-Ball Offense Mode – Absolute

With this setup, you should have the settings good to go and can jump into practicing with your new NBA 2K21 jumpshot.

Pick Your Boosts

Jumpshot Boost

Jump shot boost is imperative to achieving the best 2K21 jumpshot. A quite simple fact that if your opponent is using the jump boost and you aren’t, they will shoot better than you. No matter how good or advanced your game is playing without jumpshot boost is simply going to make your game weaker.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Buy Jumpshot boost from the boost stand


Gatorade is an amazing boost that you can purchase especially if you have one of those shifty guard builds. It adds stamina to your build, which enables you to play games longer at your peak performance. However, Gatorade is expensive so if you do not want to waste your VC, just hit the gym. 

Going to the Gatorade facility and going through a workout gives you an extra stamina bar for roughly a week in real-time. It also boosts your physical attributes which allow your player to perform at a higher level.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Stay hydrated with Gatorade or keep your energy high with energy chews


Going into the Park and hopping into a game is always fun, but trying out your shot in a game isn’t effective. Taking shots in My Court will help you evolve your jumpshot, and make it better all around.

A very important thing to note when you are practicing the jumpshot in My Court is not to go to the shootaround drill. It is ineffective as you will start missing shots that are supposed to go in, and this will give you a wrong impression about your build’s shooting ability. Instead, jump on the ball machine drill, and hit your shots the same way you would practice IRL. 

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Best drill for achieving the best jumpshot in 2K21

Best Badges For Jumpshot In 2k21

Range Extender

The Range Extender is absolutely crucial for the best jumpshot in 2K21. This badge offers a massive percentage boost for deep 3s to up to 13% in 3PTs made.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Hall of Fame Range Extender

Hot Zone

This badge is a necessity in order to dominate with your jumpshot in 2K21. While finding and using your hot zones is already quite advantageous, equipping this badge will give anywhere between a 6% to a 10% boost on green shots.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Hall of Fame Hot Zone Hunter

Green Machine

The Green Machine is the final badge that we recommend to be equipped. Green machine offers an enormous boost to your green shot after consecutively making 2 green shots. with the likely hood of a consecutive green going to almost 45% when timed correctly on a green shot.

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Hall of Fame Green Machine

Depending on your build, you may also want to add Dead Eye, Catch and shoot or flexible release.

Jumpshot Custom

This is probably the best jumpshot custom achieved through a huge amount of trial and error testing. A base of Dante Exum, release 1 Rudy Gay, and release 2 Kobe Bryant. Release speed on this should be 3/4 and animation blending of 50/50. Truly the best jumpshot in 2K21 for iso builds.

For other builds, the base is the aspect that influences your jumpshot the most, while releases 1 and 2 are purely aesthetic and are handy in helping you time your jumpshot.

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The top 5 bases as tested and presented by NBA2KLAB.COM are as follows

For rating of 60-84

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Screenshots taken from NBA2kLAB

For ratings of 85+

Best 2K21 Jumpshot
Screenshots taken from NBA2kLAB

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