Deleted Halo 2 Map “Anchor Point” Gets Recreated For Halo Infinite

The Halo 2 map was discarded by Bungie after a week's development.

The Halo series, through its in-game software Forge, allows players to easily make maps for Halo games. The series fans can recreate the experience from their favorite movies and animated TV series. They can also relive the nostalgia by creating maps from retro games.

In addition to that, they can even bring back to life the maps lost in time. They can also recreate the maps that were discarded by the developers. This is the case with this newly created map by a Halo player named WaitingAnt23937 for Halo Infinite.


  • A Halo player has recreated a Halo 2 map for Halo Infinite. The map known as Anchor Point was discarded by Bungie.
  • The recreation of the cut map will allow Halo players to experience the map with better graphics.
  • The developers thought the map was too messy for the final release.
  • The map, located in Threshold gas mine, was intended for 4 players in a 2v2 setting. Unlike conventional gameplay, the map was supposed to be focused on Banshee dogfighting.

As revealed by a hardcore Halo enthusiast and well-known industry insider, Rebs Gaming, in a tweet, the recreated is known as Anchor Point.

It was originally created for Halo 2. The map looks strikingly similar to the original Halo 2 map. It seems to be located in a mining area. The texture and scenery of the map are also the same as the Anchor Point map from Halo 2.

The map is quite foggy, with the sun barely visible. It also has numerous platforms with a multiple-level center and also features Banshees, just like the original map. The original map’s layout was symmetrical. It was intended for 4 players in a 2v2 setting with the main focus on Banshee dogfighting.

Banshee in Anchor Point recreated for Halo Infinite
Banshee in Anchor Point recreated for Halo Infinite

The original Anchor Point was located in a gas mine in Threshold. Threshold is the largest planet in the Soell system. It is a gas giant and encountered by players during two campaign missions of Halo 2, The Arbiter and The Oracle, and a multiplayer map named Colossus.

Banshee in Halo 2 Anchor Point
Banshee in Halo 2 Anchor Point

Bungie and its developers worked on Anchor Point for only one week before discarding it. The developers drew the initial sketch of the whole map. After initial approval, they went ahead with the further development of the map.

Platforms in Halo 2 Anchor Point
Platforms in Halo 2 Anchor Point

They added, “temporary textures, UV unwraps, and lighting.” The map had four platforms on the outside and one multi-level center. They tried different ideas for the map, like introducing adding teleporters.

But the map was cut after the first step of development. It was deemed not fun, and it played like crap. Bungie deduced that the gameplay in the map was too “messy” for the final release.

The player who recreated Anchor Point for Halo Infinite has done his best to stay true to the map’s origins. And it appears he was largely successful, as most Halo fans were pleasantly surprised at the map’s resemblance to the original map.

A few days ago, a map from Fallout was created for Halo Infinite. Now the recreation of the Anchor Point for Halo Infinite has allowed Halo fans to experience what the map would have looked like had it not been discarded by Bungie, and that too with better graphics.

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