Halo Infinite Forge Mode Allegedly To Get Deadland Canvas

The prospect was shared by a credible Halo Infinite leaker.

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  • Halo Infinite Forge mode will get a new canvas named Deadland in the future, as shared by a prominent leaker in the community. The leaker revealed footage showing the canvas.
  • The Deadland canvas features a desolate theme, it appears to resemble a Martian desert with the added acidic pools covering the map.
  • There have been 2 more canvases hinted by a leaker named Wetlands and Glacier, which will supposedly arrive in the future.
  • There have been no official confirmations surrounding the rumors of new canvases, and we suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

To say Halo Infinite had a rocky beginning is a massive understatement, with the title receiving criticism and its servers drying up soon after release. However, the devs are still working hard to bring new content into the toiling entry. As per Rebs Gaming, the game’s newly added Forge mode will receive a new canvas in the future—the YouTube video has since been deleted.

Halo Infinite will soon be getting a new canvas in Forge mode called Deadland, which pretty much matches the description implied by its name. The new canvas appears to resonate with a desolate and apocalyptic theme. The accredited Halo Infinite leaker has shared the first-ever look into the new canvas coming to the Forge mode.

The new canvas looks something like straight out of an otherworldly desert, with it being covered by gooey acidic liquid across the dreaded sun-ridden landscape. The leaker also noted that the canvas is subject to change upon release, as the footage could belong to a pre-development build; we could see a totally different canvas.

The canvases in Halo Infinite Forge mode are essentially blank slates for creators, which can be used to create custom multiplayer maps and game modes. Forge creators are able to utilize different canvases to create and publish maps, which can then be played by players online in Custom Games.

The rumor was initially revealed by another known Halo Infinite leaker in the community, Surasia. The insider provided an in-depth prediction of the road map, ranging from Season 3 to 6. Surasia also hinted at two other Frge Canvases dubbed Wetland and Glacier. 

It is worth noting that nothing is officially confirmed yet, and the rumored canvas map could never see the light of day. The details for the release date of aforesaid new canvases are also non-existent, so we suggest taking the rumors with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it is still great news for Forge creators seeking more canvases.

The recent update brought the Forge mode into the game, and the latest rumors hint at even more planned additions for Forge mode. For instance, Campaign AI was recently leaked by Rebs Gaming, which will make it possible for creators to create custom campaigns with enemies.

Halo Infinite has aged like copper since its inception, with its color shifting from a shiny brown to murky green over a single year. However, the upcoming updates are expected to bring more valor into the struggling entry, and we can anticipate the game to muster up more content in the coming months this year.

Halo Infinite developers are working hard to complement the creativity of Forge creators. Moreover, the game itself is reportedly going to receive love from the team in the future, as multiple game modes and appealing content appear to be planned for it.

In the meantime, the community is already creating a variety of mesmerizing content in the game despite limited resources. For instance, one user created a new boss fight in the game, and another recreated Prison from “The Platform” movie in Halo Infinite using Forge mode.

What are your thoughts regarding Halo Infinite Forge allegedly receiving the Deadland Canvas in the upcoming updates? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below. 

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