New Halo Infinite Game Modes Allegedly In Development; New Imagery Surfaced

The new game modes in Halo Infinite include "Forge" Firefight, Juggernaut, Headhunter, Ricochet, Grifball, Extraction, Assault, Super/Team Escalation, Bomb, VIP, Forge Mini, Castle Wars, Duck Hunt, Prop Hunt, and Invasion.

Story Highlights

  • Among the new leaks for Halo Infinite, there is an audio file indicating the many new game modes we might receive.
  • A possible new background for the title screen has also been leaked.
  • Firefight Voice lines have also surfaced online.

Halo Infinite is not a small name in gaming, being one of the longest-running and most influential franchises to have ever existed. It launched alongside the first Xbox console among its first exclusives and took the world by storm, being one of the largest and most influential franchises of all time.

It quickly became one of the premier first-person shooters of the time, with its captivating story, likable characters, and captivating gameplay. With the release of Halo 2, Halo became a household name among console owners. 

It was quickly propelled to stardom by leveraging the newly launched Xbox Live services and online features of Xbox consoles, this was the jump Microsoft needed to launch itself into the gaming industry, and after years of titles, it is still heavily integrated with the industry.

Not only was the gameplay vastly improved, but the story also was quite brilliant and enthralling, not to mention the multiplayer component garnering the most acclaim as it was the title’s best and most attractive feature. But with a multiplayer game built on a live-action model, leaks are somewhat abundant in nature.

A new audio leak has surfaced online focusing on specific voice lines for what appear to be names of game modes being said by an announcer. It seems that these games will be randomized, hence their nature as a voice line.

It is likely that if these were to release, it will not be all together but rather in a more streamlined way where they get put into a weekly rotation. This will allow the players to play a more centralized game mode rather than be divided into many modes which may cause long queues.

Apart from the few unique game modes that currently exist in the game, with the addition of these new ones, the game will definitely gain the flare and excitement that it so desperately needs.

In other news, Firefight Voice lines have also surfaced online which feature extremely simple one-liner voice lines which focus on mostly objectives and basic comms. This is most definitely built to make the narrator have a more lasting effect on the overall ambiance of the game.

It is not confirmed when this will release or if it even will, but with the arrival of a new season of Halo Infinite, there is a high chance that at least some piece of this content will make its way through to the game.

Finally, we have a new background that could potentially be used as a title screen for the new season. Not a lot is seen on this screen but aesthetically it is definitely striking, to say the least.

With this much content lined up for the future, the dev team behind Halo Infinite has some good aces that they can definitely play to revive the game back to a respectable position.

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