Armored Core VI Pre-Install Is Already On Version On Xbox

This high number probably means that Fires of Rubicon will make its 2023 release date.

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  • The Armored Core VI pre-release install is already on version on the Xbox Microsoft Store.
  • Fans are assuming that the game will get a full reveal very soon, considering this oddly high pre-install versioning.
  • Currently, the combat title is going to release in 2023, and this pre-release install suggests it will make this launch window.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon’s installation is interestingly already on version on Xbox before even launching. Such a high semantic versioning number is strange for any pre-release install title that doesn’t even have a release date. But, fans think it might be indicating that the FromSoftware game is going to make its 2023 launch window. 

Okami Games first reported this odd Armored Core VI pre-install version via Twitter. A full reveal of the game may be happening soon, according to the news aggregator seeing how far ahead it is. Only minor details about Fires of Rubicon have officially come out, and the rest has been kept under wraps. But this pre-release version signals that FromSoftware may lift the curtains on the game very soon.

Armored Core VI
Armored Core VI on Microsoft Store

FromSoftware officially revealed Armored Core VI at The Game Awards last December with a CGI reveal trailer. Masaru Yamamura, the lead game designer of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, was announced as the director in his debut. Studio veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki was the game director during the title’s initial development and also helped define its concept.

However, the Elden Ring creator then handed over the job to Yamamura, giving him full control. Hence. Armored Core VI is the first FromSoftware title since Dark Souls 2 not to feature Hidetaka Miyazaki as the director. Even though the boss battles are the highlight of the game, the FromSoftware president clarified that Fires of Rubicon wouldn’t be a sci-fi Soulslike.

YouTube video

Armored Core VI will take place on Rubicon, a planet on the verge of destruction after humanity discovered an energy source and tried to mine it, engulfing the planet in a fire. The upcoming game picks up 50 years after this event and sees humans rediscover this mysterious resource. And, just like half a century ago, humanity wants to bring this substance under control and mine it to increase the planet’s technological capabilities.

Players will control an independent mercenary on Rubicon wearing the armored core robot combat unit. You will take on jobs across Rubicon from mining corporations and the resistance groups trying to stop them as the battle for power rages on. Armored Core VI will be the sixth mainline title and the first game from the series in over a decade. Key art for the combat title also leaked recently on the Microsoft store:

But, besides this meager info and a South Korean rating, nothing else is official about the game besides its tentative 2023 release date. Hopefully, this pre-install version hint does lead to a full reveal in the near future alongside a release date. Whenever it comes out, Armored Core VI will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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