Atomic Heart Developers Unveil Answers In An Interview

The freakiest FPS is on the way and we might have a potential release date for it.

Some titles leave a particular aftertaste in our mouths. Atomic Heart is shaping up to be that title. It is a post-apocalyptic FPS in an alternative timeline, where the USSR is on the high noon. Atomic Heart has attracted a lot of gazes around it for its peculiar take on the FPS genre. The game ingrains itself as an odd take on the USSR. The title has some spooky-looking creatures that give you a good scare. Monsters include androids with mustaches that could make you jealous, colossal drill worms, and a levitating city.

The game has undergone a few years of stillness and development hindrances in the past, meaning that the game somewhat retreated into the shadows. Though the developers were hard at work during silence, the game has witnessed a ton of spotlight as the release date draws to an end. The game is speculated to drop at the end of 2022.

Atomic Heart Developers Appear In An Interview

The world of Atomic Heart aims to deliver an odd open-world, a distinctive backdrop, garish and fluid combat, and more. Atomic Heart undoubtedly, presents something not typically encountered in other titles. The developers at Mundfish have been quite vocal about their love-craft. Recently they appeared in an interview at Gamebolt, answering much-asked questions to clear the fog surrounding this intriguing title.

The title has been in the works for a decennium, slowly evolving and adapting to the latest technologies. When the devs were questioned about the growth, they replied.

“The world concept behind Atomic Heart was in the works for almost a decade, and the vision behind the game has been growing and evolving with time. We strongly believe that the overall experience that we created will be unforgettable.”

The development time for this game has been well-spent, to say the least; developers have imagined a bizarre yet mesmerizing experience. The technology present inside the game is also distinct from the real world. When developers were asked to elaborate on it, they cited.

“There are some truly insane concepts that we’ve put in the game – like the whole thing with polymers, limbo, and the meta-plot of Atomic Heart. The weirdness is intentional. It was one of the creative pillars while we were creating the world, the enemies, and the characters.”

The development process for the game has undergone a long journey. As of now, the developer notes. We’re starting with this story trailer and will look forward to the next step of the campaign, so please stay tuned.” The game is open-world, but the map is not expansive and barren like some open-world titles. “The open-world will not be as large as in some games like Assassin’s Creed, but we’re making it truly believable and immersive — more details on the world are coming soon.” 

The game can be enjoyed with a few different playstyles, as long as it’s high-octane action. As cited in the interview, Atomic Heart is around 20 hours for an average playthrough. The developers aim to evolve the universe further after the game releases. Devs hint that the game will receive support for years. “Right now, we’re fully committed to delivering the full game on release without any distractions, but we already have interesting ideas on how to evolve this universe further.”

The story trailer indicates that the game is to release in a month that ends with “ber.” As in, “#######ber.” What are your thoughts about this interview? Make sure to check it out and let us know in the comments below!

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