Avowed Will Have Guns According To Industry Insider

The Xbox Exclusive will feature Muskets

If there is one constant criticism of Xbox, its that they don’t have enough first-party exclusive. Fans have always wanted Microsoft to compete with Sony for the quality and quantity of their exclusives. Progress on this has been slow but the company is finally making headway in this department.

A lot of new exclusives are coming from Xbox including games like Redfall and Fable 4. Senua’s Saga and STALKER 2 are some other exclusives Microsoft are making. Probably the most interesting among these is the Skyrim-like RPG called Avowed from Obsidian.

The game got it’s reveal last July at the Xbox Games Showcase and the hype for it is valid. Avowed has magic powers and sword combat and takes place in the same setting another Obsidian game has. Industry insider Jez Corden has told us some interesting new info about the game in a new leak.

Jez Corden has said that Avowed will have guns available in the game in the form of Muskets. While talking on the Defining Duke podcast yesterday with Rand Al Thor, the insider talked about the pre alpha footage we saw last year. Apparently there was one detail about this gameplay that only a handful know about.

Muskets being present in the game was the detail Jez Corden was talking about. If you don’t know what they are, Muskets are slow recharging guns which are from the 17th century. So, Avowed will have modern-ish ammunition available in the game for players. 

Adding guns to the RPG also gives us a hint about it’s place in the Pillars of Eternity timeline. Obsidian have confirmed that Avowed takes place in the universe of Pillars of Eternity. But, the developer has given us no clue about a specific point in the RPG series’ timeline. 

We can take a rough guess due to the inclusion of Guns though. Muskets were available in both the first and second Pillars of eternity even though they weren’t amazing in combat. Avowed having the same weapon tells us it takes place in a similar window alongside Pillars of Eternity. 

None of it is actually confirmed right now so this is all speculation. Including muskets in the game also gives us an interesting insight into how the game will be stylistically. Fans thought that Avowed will be similar to Skyrim in its style but this is making them rethink.

Maybe the game will be more similar to Greedfall and not the Skyrim games. But we honestly have no idea and this is just conjecture. Whatever style the game goes with, we are definitely excited to play it.

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