PS3 Game Gets Spotted On PlayStation 5; Backward Compatibility Rumors Run Amok

The demo of PS3 game was seen on PS5 with an option to download alongside it.

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  • The appearance of a demo of a PS3 game on PS5 has reignited rumors of backward compatibility returning to Sony’s consoles.
  • The game in question is Black Knight Sword, released in 2012.
  • Sony has been in hot waters for years for ending backward compatibility from its consoles.
  • Though this has PlayStation excited, the chances of this rumor materializing are pretty grim.

Backward compatibility is something that all gamers value. Playing old games on modern and better-equipped machines is every gamer’s dream. So when Sony ended its backward compatibility starting with PlayStation 4, it was heavily criticized. Many had hopes that maybe with PlayStation 5 Sony would revisit it.

But despite the huge backlash, they kept it instated for PS5. The new console can only run games as far as PS4. But it now appears that maybe Sony is looking to reverse it as a demo of the PS3 game was seen on PS5.

As posted on Reddit, the PS3 game seen on PS5 was Black Knight Sword which is a side-scroller platform game released in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360. On PS5, the game was even marked as “a PS3 game.” The option to download also appeared before it.

This has rekindled the demands for Sony to bring back backward compatibility. Sony’s older consoles, such as PS2 and PS3 had backward compatibility. It enabled PlayStation fans to play older games from PS1 on modern consoles. They got a whole experience of their favorite childhood games.

Black Knight Sword spotted on PS5
Black Knight Sword spotted on PS5

This has again reignited the debate as to why Sony is so reluctant to revive backward compatibility in their consoles. Some fans also suggested that they should at least develop a PS5 emulator that would allow willing players to play old PlayStation games. Some even proposed starting a social media campaign to force Sony’s hand.

The appearance of a PS3 game on PS5 may well be nothing more than a fluke as Sony has not stated its intention to reinstate backward compatibility in their consoles. Nevertheless, most fans were already excited at the prospect of playing older, nostalgic games on next-gen consoles.

To add more to the improbability of this happening, Sony just last year announced that older VR games will not be playable on its upcoming PSVR2 headset. So the chances of backward compatibility returning to PlayStation are pretty grim.

What do you think? Will Sony bring backward compatibility back to its consoles? Tell us in the comments section below.

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