Shooting Games Make Up 40% Of Total PlayStation Playtime Globally

According to CMA documents, the genre is a significant share of the publishing market and extremly popular.

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  • According to CMA data, shooting games account for 40% of the total playtime on PlayStation.
  • The genre also has a significant share of the publishing market, especially on consoles.
  • Evidence submitted by third-party companies also tells us about how important shooting games are to the industry.
  • The CMA did redact data about the genre’s revenue, playtime hours, and PlayStation revenue, but we assume it’s high.

Data from the CMA documents havs uncovered how dominant the shooting genre is on PlayStation. Globally, 40% of the total playtime racked up by PlayStation users belongs to shooting games.

Hence, nearly half of the total time spent playing games on PlayStation consoles is dedicated to games from the genre. In addition, the CMA documents also mention how shooting games have a “significant share” of the publishing market.

This influence is especially notable on consoles according to the summary of the CMA documents by ResetEra user Idas. Evidence submitted by third-party gaming companies also reflects the importance of the genre in the industry, according to the CMA.

CMA Documents PlayStation
CMA data regarding shooting-games

Call of Duty has been the main bone of contention stopping Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision from completing. The American tech giant has offered a lot of remedies and proposals concerning Call of Duty to different competitors.

Nvidia and Nintendo accepted these decade-long deals ensuring the FPS franchise will come to these platforms. But, Sony has been hesitant in accepting any deal like that no matter how good Microsoft‘s offer is.

The Japanese company has said in the past that Call of Duty is too essential and would give Xbox an advantage over PlayStation. When you keep that in mind, the PlayStation creator’s current stance makes sense.

However, many would consider not accepting a deal longer than a decade for such a popular franchise foolish. Especially with Sony’s licensing deal with Call of Duty ending next year and Microsoft being confident about the acquisition’s result.

Now, new info has come to light that gives us some insight into why the PlayStation owner values the FPS so much.

According to the findings of the CMA, shooting games account for 40% of the total PlayStation playtime worldwide. On page 71 of the CMA report that came out on February 8th, 2023, the regulator drops this info. The shooting genre has a significant share of the publishing ecosystem, as the data suggests.

Overwatch and Call of Duty are mentioned as two of the main games contributing to the genre’s domination of consoles. Much of the data in this excerpt from the documents is not accessible. But, we can assume it is in favor of the shooting genre due to context.

For instance, third-party numbers telling us what percentage of publishing revenue shooting games account for are not present. But, the next line says third-party evidence suggests that the shooting genre is important for consoles.

So, when you put this together with what we already know about the high revenues of games like Fortnite, we can assume the genre makes loads of money on consoles.

Data telling us about the revenue of shooting games on PlayStation is also not available. But we do get to know about how the genre accounts for 40% of global PlayStation playtime. The CMA probably forgot to remove these numbers too because this stat is discussed again in the documents, but without the percentage.

Another statistic we would have liked to know about is how many gameplay hours FPS games account for. However, the CMA redacted the figure informing us what percentage of gameplay hours among PlayStation’s “top titles” the genre represented.

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