Sony May Add A Common Help System That Generates A “Help Map” In Its Games

The patent can improve the user experience considerably.

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  • Sony has published a new patent that wants to create a common help system for its games. It wants to help players with in-game activities by producing a help map and showing other statistics.
  • The map can show the current position of the user and the estimated position of the zone. The proposed system can inform players about the necessary stats of each activity as well.
  • The system will work on the client side and will be easy to add to most Sony titles because it will work irrespective of the difference in games. 
  • Sony may add the new help map system to most of its games in the future because of how versatile it is. 

Sony is seemingly working towards improving its in-game support. Its latest patent talks about a global help system that could be added to most of its games. The patent dubbedSERVER-BASED GENERATION OF A HELP MAP IN A VIDEO GAME” wants to create a “help map” that can be added to its titles without requiring specific changes. It wants to help players to finish in-game activities by creating a map and showing other stats.

This proposed method can serve players to aid them in specific tasks with tips and other important details like a map to help them complete certain activities. Additionally, the legal document can inform players about essential stats of each activity, such as how much other players have completed a certain quest, estimated completion time, and more.

The user video game experience is improved by providing a unified way for, among other things, multiple video game functionalities, such as for suggesting video game activities, estimating completion time for such activities, and presenting video game help regardless of the underlying video games,” states the Sony patent.

The patent focuses on making the system easy to add to most games due to how it functions. In other words, it will likely not be affected by the contrast in how different titles work. It will operate at a client level, and players will not have to worry about the technical nitty-gritty details of the global support system. 

The image shows an example of displaying video game help through a UI.
The image shows an example of displaying video game help through a UI.

This unified way need not change how a video game is developed or necessitate a common approach to video game development. Instead, instrumentation of various events in the video games is relied upon.”

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If implemented, the in-game support system proposed by Sony will aid players in all the details regarding each activity in most of its games. It makes it easier for players to approach particular objectives after knowing about important statistics and strategies of other gamers.

The image shows a user interface presented on a display detailing each activity.
The image shows a user interface presented on a display detailing each activity.

One of the main goals of the Sony patent is to detect whether a particular game activity can be performed at a specific in-game location by evaluating the event data and activity data gathered by the system. It wants to ensure that a certain activity can be completed in a specific zone. And it will also calculate the average of the locations where players have completed the activity in that zone.

Based on the statistical analysis, the video game platform determines that a certain number of video game players (e.g., a certain percentage of the video game players that played the activity exceeding a predefined threshold) completed the activity within a zone.”

It can then provide a map to the players in the game to better assist them in choosing the best location and other variables to complete the activity. It may also update the player’s location based on the gameplay. Overall, we may see Sony integrate the new help map system in its games for player assistance.

The image reveals an in-game map showing the location of activities.
The image reveals an in-game map showing the location of activities.

The giant conglomerate has published many other related patents in the past, including a legal document to improve voice chat in games for disabled users. On a similar note, Sony may punish gamers for immoral voice chat behaviors. It is also experimenting with a way to fix your posture while gaming for prolonged albeit healthy experiences.

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