Baldur’s Gate 3’s Latest Patch Is Plagued With Bugs And Bad Changes, Players Report

Larian has made a bunch of adjustments that players find downright annoying.

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  • Baldur’s Gate 3’s latest patch has several bugs and issues.
  • Players have reported that Gale and Wyll’s questlines are currently difficult to continue.
  • The new Shared Stash feature has caused some frustration among players too.
  • Larian has also unnecessarily changed how His Majesty looks.

After a slew of amazing changes made to Baldur’s Gate 3, some of which addressed Karlach’s lack of an epilogue, while others fixed over 1500 lines of Minthara’s dialogues, it looks like Larian has finally stumbled with their newest update. Players have reported the recent Patch 3 features a bunch of problems, ranging from annoying changes to game-breaking bugs.

Patch 3 kinda sucks?
byu/eSpasm inBaldursGate3

A fan even took to Reddit to compile all the major issues players have been facing following the update. And the list is quite extensive. The biggest pain point for a lot of people is the new Shared Stash feature. Previously, whenever you switched one companion out for another, they would continue to keep everything in their inventory. However, Larian has changed this, and some players find the new version to be worse.

Now, whenever a player swaps out a companion, everything in their inventory is automatically sent to the Player Character. This makes swapping out party members a chore since you’ll always have to micromanage your inventory too. You’re very likely to become encumbered with how little carry limits are allowed on most characters, and the change just makes an already annoying inventory system that much more frustrating

But it’s not just the intentional changes that folks have taken issue with. The game also brought about a bunch of bugs and glitches to the game. For one, the camera now seems focused solely on Tav, the Player Character, during most of the in-game conversations. Previously, you could see one or two of your party members in the background, whose reactions to your choices were interesting.

Players have also reported that the latest patch has bugged Gale’s approval ratings too. Even players with a high approval rating of the character will now be a victim of his cold attitude and indifference. Romancing him or even getting on his good side seems difficult until this issue is resolved. Similarly, a bug with Wyll prevents his story from progressing further into the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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There are a lot of other minor issues too. Like Dammon instantly dying once you reach Last Light’s Inn in Act 2. He’s an important character for Karlach’s storyline, so you may want to hold off on that for now. Spells like Animate Dead are also causing issues. On the rather weird side of things, Larian decided to change how His Majesty, everyone’s favorite snarky cat, looks in the game. And well, the new version just isn’t it.

His Majesty's new look in Baldur's Gate 3.
His Majesty’s new look in Baldur’s Gate 3.

There are a bunch of other minor bugs and glitches that players have been reporting. The full list includes a lot more. That said, despite its problems, it’s worth noting the patch did bring Mac support to the game. Patch 3 also addressed some frame rate issues in the game’s Lower City. Plus, it added a much-wanted feature to change character appearances through the Magic Mirror

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