Bayonetta 3’s Prologue Plot Has Surfaced Online

Just 2 weeks before realse major plot points for Bayonetta 3 were leaked.

Story Highlights
  • Bayonetta 3 is set to release on October 28, 2022, however there has been a leak thorough Game Informer.
  • As speculated the game will include the Multiverse.
  • There is also discourse around the fact the game might not have the prime Bayonetta, instead it will include Cereza version.

Bayonetta 3 is a highly anticipated game set to release on October 28, 2022. It is developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is single-player and has marketed itself to be an “over-the-top climax game.”

Shockingly this is not the first leak the game has experienced. In fact, earlier in the month, the news of the Recasting Of Bayonetta’s Voice Actor spread like wildfire.

Major Takeaways: 

  • A YouTuber has managed to get their hands on the prologue plot of Bayonetta 3.
  • The leak reveals the concept of parallel universes being introduced in the upcoming hack-and-slash title.

Bayonetta 3 leaked prologue came via Youtuber Rakunx who went through the magazine’s 250th issue. He has some very important things to say. Firstly, the new game will actually have a parallel universe plot.

YouTube video

Hence, there will be a Multiverse that will have different variations of our protagonist. In recent years, Multiverse plots have become all the rage. Hence it is not shocking that the developers choose to take this route.

Fans are a bit unsure about the new plot, claiming that not every game needs to have multiple dimensions. While that is a fair point, however, having the multiverse will open the doorway to the introduction of tons of new and old characters. As well as various timelines that can become their own spinoffs.

According to Kamiya, he has always been a fan of MCU. Where the concept of Multiverse is more prevalent. He said that their team has been waiting for the public to get more familiarized with Multiverse so they could actively enjoy Bayonetta 3.

Moreover, the surfacing leak also mentions a new enemy that is ominously referred to be too big for a single dimension. As soon as the game begins we find ourselves witnessing Bayonetta alongside Jeanne and Enzo.

What seems like an enjoyable time at the underworld bar immediately shifts when we feel massive tremors. So what exactly caused the mini earthquake? Well, the Bayonetta 3 prologue Leaked informs us that these are the main enemy that Bayonetta will be facing.

These creatures are in fact man-made, meaning they do not belong in Paradiso or even Inferno. It has a green-colored body made up of tons of human bodies.

Moreover, through the leak, we have also found out that the game will be introducing a new character name Viola. Who in fact comes from an alternate universe. 

Bayonetta 3's story gets leaked
The Bayonetta protagonist.

She is on a quest to find the Chaos Gear that will help restore balance to the timelines. The quest might be the main objective of the game. According to Miyata, she will be the complete opposite of Bayonetta, this will in fact help add depth to both characters.

Speaking more about the game’s combat, it has shockingly not changed that much. In fact, we could go as far as to say that they are identical. According to the prologue leak, the game will also be introducing Summoning Circles which will give players unlimited magical power.

The only clause is that they have to stay near it. Moreover, the game has 10 times more skills than the previous games.

The game has also introduced a Naive Angel Mode that will heavily curtail its sexual graphics. However, it is still PG-13 not child friendly. Surprisingly the third installment has set to change the main currency for the game. Switching from Halos to Embryos. While Halos are still part of the game they have become a rare treasure.

Bayonetta is seen supporting a hairstyle that fans know all too well. It is the same hairstyle that Cereza had who ended up being the younger version of Bayonetta.

Many speculate that she is in fact not the real Bayonetta we have played with but a Cereza version. When asked about it Miyata stated that he would neither confirm nor deny the speculation. 

While there will be new and improved exploration features the leak does not sadly go into detail about it. So we will have to find that out firsthand.

The leak has given us much to ponder while we wait for the game’s actual release.

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