Scorn Leaked Images Reveal Early Main Character Prototype

The grotesque eerie images unveil the early versions of the main character.

Atmospheric horror is seldom executed in horror video games but more and more titles are beginning to dive into it. Hard-coded jumpscares tend to be easily predictable and a player becomes immune to them after a while. On the other hand, having elements of atmospheric and psychological horror keeps you on the edge of your chair through each scenario.

Scorn is an upcoming gory title brewed in Unreal Engine 4 that leaves you disgusted yet intrigued with its grotesque organic world. The title is set for an early winter release as leaked a couple of weeks ago in SteamDB. It is the perfect amalgamation of atmospheric horror and a uniquely crafted biomechanical world.

The locations and creatures of Scorn are inspired by none other than Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinski and Swiss artist H.R. Giger — the figure behind the horrifying xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s Alien. Scorn evokes the same emotions of awe and disgust as you traverse the meaty surroundings. Scorn has been in development for a long time, and went through different phases until it became a fully-fledged project.

Scorn has now transformed into a nightmarish labyrinth of twisted darkened corridors, lonesome wreckage of a withered society and immense structures sewn of bone, flesh, and metal. The soundtrack of this hair-raising game is filled with shrieking creatures in the background with voices that will not let you succumb to sleep.

The gut-churning world features a skinless, nameless character who traverses the organic world of Scorn to survive amongst unfathomable creatures of nightmare fuel. Images of Scorn’s main character have finally been leaked unveiling the gut-wrenching yet wonderous character design. The haunting photos have been leaked by video games informer, @Mr_Rebs_.

It is worth noting that these are the early prototypes of the main character so the final design may have a difference between night and day. The hideous images of the character design fit the Scorn universe. In old H.R Giger’s fashion, glaring into the character leaves you full of “scorn” and wonder.

Most of the game reveals have only featured the level designs and horrid creatures. Since the main character traverses through various biomes of Scorn’s haunting world in the first-person perspective, the main character has been noticed very rarely thus far. 

You can discover whether the main character looks as disturbing as these leaked images when the game releases on 21st October 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X|S including Game Pass. What are your thoughts regarding this repulsing yet beautiful main character? Do let us know in the comments below.

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