Black Ops 1 At Low FPS Makes Unnerving Changes To The Game

A video has surfaced online which showcases Black Ops 1 at around 20 frames per second, and how it can have an impact on an older game.

Call Of Duty Black Ops blasted its way into the market with its approach to shooters being simple and effective, It has always been one of the more known first-person franchises and one of the most iconic ones to have ever hit the shelves of almost every platform.

Activision tries to push out a new game every year to keep up with the competition and other franchises, even if the content that they put out isn’t up to mark. A great example is the Black Ops franchise, and how mixed it has been with the community for the last few entries.

Although their newer and more recent content hasn’t been as impressive as some of their other hit titles, it is the fact that their older titles were almost perfect and they were extremely impressive, both in gameplay and innovation. The greatest example we have is Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

With Black Ops being one of the highest-rated Call Of Duty games, it has never disappointed. Unlike the newer games, the first 2 titles were absolutely perfect. It was so good that even after years of release, people still come back to these older games. Well, a user did a unique experiment on how the frames can be manipulated in Black Ops 1, and the results were very unique.

The user by the name of Import – Ieu makes a lot of content featuring previous COD games. The user showed through commands and manipulation how he is able to change his FPS in the game and how it changes the mechanics and physics of the maps.

His videos mostly include glitches, secrets, and many other unique things. But out of everything that he has done, one of his frequent videos shows us a new experiment, one that changes how the engine of the game changes.

He lowered the game’s FPS to 20 frames and proceeded to show how the game was affected. At first, everything went in slow motion, and the game started feeling generally slower and more constricted when it came to its movement.

Furthermore, the game’s elevation had also taken a hit, as whenever ever he went down from stairs, he started gliding down in an odd manner. The game also felt odd whenever he sprinted and stopped sprinting.

Although low FPS is a recurring problem in newer games, seeing it at a title older than a decade shows how ineffective they were at handling this. This can be due to people generally not having these issues.

Black Ops was and is a great game, going down in history as one of the greatest ever made. Seeing an active community so long after release shows how well the title communicated to the players and how loved it is.

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