Classic First Person Shooter Blood Just Had Its Source Code Leaked Online

'Tis the leak season.

If you thought you had seen it all this past bunch of days, you certainly have another thing coming. Joining the list of classic titles that just had their source code links dumped online, a 1990s classic first-person shooter called Blood is now up for grabs unlike ever before. 

It’s worth noting here that the party involved in this case who has managed to hack into the game’s database to dig up its source code is none other than “x0r_jmp.” If that name doesn’t ring a bell, let us remind you that this is the same organization that came forward with the canceled Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded build leak.

The “x0r_jmp” has been updated ever since and now comprises a link to Blood’s source code, should you choose to venture forward and verify the essentials of the 1990s first-person shooter yourself.

The Rundown: 

  • Retro first-person shooting game Blood which was released in 1997 for MS-DOS just had its source code leaked online. 
  • Blood has now joined a couple of other games that recently had their fundamentals dumped on the internet, including Mortal Kombat 2, Dungeon Siege, and even Doom 64 which had its beta ROM leaked in earlier times.
  • The leak apparently comes from the same figure who exploited the shelved Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded build. This hacking party goes by the username of “x0r_jmp.” 
  • Blood’s source code can now be accessed on this Rentry web page. Please proceed with caution as you download the file on your end.

The leak was first spotted by a Twitter page called Build Engine Aesthetics. Sharing with us some of the basic photos associated with the source code, here’s what the page tweeted online. 

As per usual proceedings, the source code of any software allows a developer or anyone with the right programming expertise to modify the essentials of the program in question. However, Build Engine Aesthetics makes it quite clear that this isn’t going to be the case here. 

Apparently, a GitHub link has already been readied for the purpose of source reconstruction, so the latter has already gone down. The recent source code link by the anonymous figure will only go on to serve a comical purpose, provided that there are certain complaints embedded within the code of Blood. 

In addition to that, some semblance of history will be preserved with the game, given how famous it was back in the day. A substantial amount of critical acclaim went toward Blood’s way at the time of the shooter’s release. From the title’s style of cracking jokes to its intricately designed levels and fun gameplay, Blood didn’t take long to sell well and make a name for itself in the community.  

The Source Code Leak of Blood
The Source Code Leak of Blood

We’re pretty much convinced that it’s leak season at this moment in time. 2023 has had quite the start to its name, with multiple classic games coming into the spotlight in terms of getting their essentials leaked and put out at the front.

To talk about one, the canceled Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded build popped up online, and that too by the hands of the same organization as the one in question. Moreover, Mortal Kombat 2 suffered from a source code leak as well, not to mention Dungeon Siege — another classic RPG — facing the same fate.

That’s not all though. Doom 64’s beta ROM was out in the open in recent times just as well, making it possible to visualize what type of content did the developers scrap right before the actual game’s release.

Leaks are coming in left and right these days, to be fair, and we will need to keep an eye out in case more decide to surface. 

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