Box Art Design For Physical PSVR2 Games Revealed

The design is very minimalistic and in a single-color scheme unlike the PlayStation 4 PSVR layout.

As the next-gen moves on from its initial pandemic-induced problems, we are finally getting to see its true potential. One of the things which show us its promise is the upcoming PSVR2, the sequel to 2016’s PlayStation Virtual reality. The hype around the new headset from Sony has been insane with a large number of units in production.

Probably the main reason for this hype is the games this brand-new headset is going to launch with. New titles like Horizon Call of the mountain and exciting games from developers like nDreams have raised the expectations for PSVR2. And now, Sony has revealed the packaging these next-gen virtual reality games will have on the shelves.

Major Takeaways

  • Box art for PSVR2 games has come out via an Amazon listing.
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners- Chapter 2: Retribution-Payback edition gives us our first look at what physical copies of PSVR2 games will look like.
  • It’s minimalistic and very similar in design to PSVR’s box art, with a tweak in the color scheme.

PushSquare first reported this cover reveal to the masses. But, Amazon is actually responsible for leaking this box art via a listing for a PSVR2 game. As you can see below, a Walking Dead game gives us our first look at how PSVR2 games will look from the outside.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners- Chapter 2: Retribution-Payback edition is the very long name of this game. It’s listing on the Amazon website gave us a glimpse of the new box art for this generation’s PSVR2. Honestly, there are not many surprises, and it’s very similar to the previous design. 

The Walking Dead PSVR2
The Walking Dead on PSVR2

In this edition’s box art, there is a similar sentence on a banner below the PlayStation 5 logo heading. The contents of this banner are also similar to the previous generation’s box art. We can see in the image that the banner reads “PlayStationVR2 Required + Requis.”

PlayStation 4’s PSVR banner was similar and it also went on to say “PlayStationVR Required.” Both of these had the headset logo at the start of this sentence on the left-hand side of the box art. Hence the similarities are obvious for anyone to see. 

The only minor difference between the two covers is the “2” of next-gen’s PSVR2. But, besides this, there is only one other major difference between the two box arts and that is the color scheme. On the PlayStation 5 and PSVR2 cover, the banner which says PSVR2 required is in all black

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the PlayStation 4 and PSVR box art’s banner features two primary colors. The PlayStation VR part of the cover is in the popular Sony blue a big part of the last-gen. Similarly, the “Required” part of the banner is in complete white, contrasting the blue on both the PS4 heading and PSVR banner. 

PSVR Fruit Ninja VR
PSVR box art for Fruit Ninja VR

Hence, the only telling difference between the two covers is the shade Sony has given each generation. The black and white on PS5/PSVR2 contrast each other well and so did the white and blue in the previous-gen. Sony has done a great job at making this cover art.

The overall complexion of the PSVR games box art has remained the same in these two generations. Just a small banner featuring a sentence that gives the actual video game’s box art space to shine. We can’t wait to play some of these games when they release in the flesh.

Even though physical games aren’t huge sellers on PSVR, they still come out in the form of physical copies. Most players do prefer digital versions and will continue to do so for PSVR2. But, for the small number of players who do like physical copies, this box art is great. 

Not many want to deal with the hassle of discs when you have a VR headset strapped on you. But, seeing these beautiful covers everyone would want to collect these games. PSVR2 launches on February 22, 2023, and we’ll be there to grab the headset and its games. 

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