Call Of Duty: Vanguard Artwork & Promotional Images Leaked

Leaked game files have confirmed an Open Beta for the upcoming instalment.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the upcoming instalment to the Call of Duty franchise. In June, it was confirmed by Video Games Chronicle that the new Call of Duty game would be called “Call of Duty: Vanguard”. Since then, many leaks and rumours have been released regarding the upcoming instalment. Earlier today, Activision released an update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which included some Open Beta artwork and promotional images for Call of Duty: Vanguard, too.

Data miners were quick to find the artwork and promotional images, which have since been circulating online. Leaked images of artwork showcasing the logo and Open Beta access from the upcoming instalment are now floating all across Twitter, Imgur and Reddit. Since then, Activision is even trying to remove these leaked images on Twitter by filing copyright claims. Hence, many tweets containing the leaked images have been taken down.

Promotional images and artwork for Call of Duty: Vanguard has been posted on Imgur, too. It seems like the upcoming game will be set in the World War II era, judging from the artwork and promotional images. Further leaked promotional images showcase an “Ultimate Edition” for the game (standard for such franchises) and a “Cross-Gen Bundle”, which means that a single copy of the upcoming instalment will be playable on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X consoles — same as what Activision did with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard
Call of Duty: Vanguard (Cover Art) | Source: Imgur
Call Of Duty: Vanguard
Call of Duty: Vanguard (Ultimate Edition) | Source: Imgur
Call Of Duty: Vanguard (Cross-Gen Bundle) | Source: Imgur

Another leaked promotional image for the Ultimate Edition of the upcoming instalment, which includes the Open Beta access, showcases three new characters in the game; Lucas, Polina and Wade; along with a few bonus weapons. From what we know so far, the new game’s storyline will be focused on the post-World War II world. The “Gestapo” are the primary villains that are trying to reclaim Nazi rights in the name of former Nazis and the people reform against them.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard
Call of Duty: Vanguard (Ultimate Edition) – Open Beta Early-Access | Source: Reddit

It also seems like the protagonists in the game are based on real-life soldiers that fought against the Nazis during World War II. The four protagonists in the game will be from different countries as well. Polina, the female soldier, will be from the Soviet Union, the Black protagonist from the artwork will be British, Lucas will be from New Zealand, and Wade will be from the United States. Some sources have also confirmed that the villain will be based on Heinrich Müller, a high-ranking German Schutzstaffel and a police officer during the Nazi era, who was also the chief of the Gestapo.

If you’re interested in the single-player campaign of the upcoming instalment, you may want to look into the histories of these characters, since they will be based on real-life personalities. So far, this is the only information we have about the new addition to the Call of Duty franchise. Activision has still not officially announced the release date for the game. However, the company does reveal its games later in the year. However, these leaked promotional images do confirm an Open Beta access probably for those that pre-order the game or, perhaps, purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game.

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