Legacy Call of Duty Games Dominate Xbox Store’s Best Sellers List After Server Fixes

The resurgence of nostalgic COD entries has resulted in an insurmountable number of players flooding the servers.

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  • Many classic Call of Duty games on Xbox 360 have seen a resurgence of players recently after the devs made some matchmaking fixes. Many new players have also purchased the old titles.
  • The number of gamers has skyrocketed to the degree that the affected COD titles have stolen the best-sellers list in the Xbox Store. The best-selling COD game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 currently.
  • Over a million gamers are currently populating the servers of the classic Call of Duty games. The servers are relatively smooth without the onslaught of hackers ruining the experience.
  • It is unclear whether Microsoft has played a role in the changes. It could not direct the fixes because the merger is still not closed. The devs likely decided to patch the old games ahead of the buyout.

Many classic Call of Duty entries on Xbox 360 has recently seen an inpouring of gamers after the devs made secretive matchmaking fixes. The number of players has skyrocketed in a few days to the point where the legacy COD games have stolen the top-selling list in the Xbox Store. The news of server fixes spread like wildfire, and many nostalgic players and newcomers alike decided to flood the servers of the olden titles.

The current best-sellers list in the Xbox Store.
The current best-sellers list in the Xbox Store is riddled with legacy Call of Duty games for the Xbox 360.

The listed COD titles have stolen all the top five spots in the best-sellers list on the Xbox store at the time of writing. The top of the list is taken by the highly popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, accompanied by the original COD: Modern Warfare 2, the first Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, and the COD: Modern Warfare II Cross-Gen Bundle. To put things into perspective, the old COD entries overshadow some of the newer AAA Xbox releases.

Diablo 4 – Standard Edition and NBA 2K23 for Xbox One are currently ranked lower on the Xbox Store’s best-sellers list than the aforesaid Call of Duty games. The sudden resurgence of the old COD installments has to do with the servers seeing massive fixes behind the scenes a week ago. Some insiders, including Charlie Intel, reported that Activision had seemingly fixed the matchmaking issues prevalent in the old entries on Xbox 360.

The news of the servers being fixed was a sudden surprise for the Call of Duty fans that often sings praises of the indelible memories that old games provided. Many players eventually started to join the growing lobbies, and others went on a shopping spree to purchase the games for some classic fun to be had. As per recent reports, the player counts in all of the games combined have multiplied to reach over a staggering million gamers.

It is worth noting that a million users threshold was reached in a few days without even an official statement by the devs or Microsoft. In addition to the glad tidings, the Call of Duty servers also seem to be relatively clean of hackers and other users with intent to ruin the servers; the anti-cheats used in the titles appear to be working correctly. Many gamers are enjoying FPS entries without the trouble of exploiters ruining the experience.

It is unclear whether Microsoft’s buyout of Activision has anything to do with the revival of classic Call of Duty Servers. It is quite improbable that Microsoft directed this fix since the devs are currently self-reliant. The merger closing soon may have likely inspired the devs to patch up the old COD games to make them playable. For some related news, we may soon see COD games arrive on an in-development Nintendo Switch model.

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